Any suggestions/ideas for small living room?

Ideas for small livingroom

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  • Pam Pam on Sep 22, 2017
    Just the furniture you need for seating and enjoying quests. Or watching TV. I have down sized to no junk sitting around on tables. And a neutral color that makes the room seem larger. I have decided that I don't need all this stuff my Mom had sitting around.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Sep 22, 2017
    Hi, @SandsLeadTon. I suggest avoiding large furniture. If you do use a big sectional sofa, have only one other seat in the room, although you could have a bench or a couple of ottomans. Have lighting in every corner and small spotlights if you can. A lighted room will look larger. If your tv is mounted on the wall, don't hang it too high, that will make the ceiling look lower. Whereas floor to ceiling drapes or sheers will make a room look taller. If you use a coffee table or end tables, try to find or make the tables to have storage in them. Have pretty things in the room, but not many. A crowded room looks smaller. Many of these same hints will help in your small apartment. Best wishes 😇

  • Susan gibbs Susan gibbs on Sep 22, 2017
    You can , also, use smaller furniture. I have a small living room with virtually no wall spa ce . The room is about 14 x20. One wall has French doors with with floor length windows on either side Covering the whole wall. Another wall has ceiling to floor 8 ft wide stone fireplace and a 5 ft wide ceiling to floor built in bookshelf. The wall entering the room is has an 8x8 ft square opening. And the fourth wall has an 8 x12 ft wide opening into kitchen area. It is a nightmare to furnish. I decided on using an overstuffed love seat instead of standard sofa. I also, used a matching chair, which is large enough to seat two if needed. There is an accent lounge chair . Nothing sits flush to a wall. Everything is at angles. And, it cannot be rearranged. It's a nightmare.

  • Sand Leads Ton Sand Leads Ton on Sep 22, 2017
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  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Sep 22, 2017
    Look for an apartment size sofa Keep your colors to a minimum. Neural colors with an accent color for a punch. Walls, flooring the same color. Window treatments the same color as the walls - this keeps things form being broken up. If you use a drapery or a sheer, hang the rod close the ceiling and down to the floor. Small size end tables. You may want to ditch end tables and even a coffee table and use a table behind the sofa.