DIY Tool Chest Construction

2 Materials
20 Hours
Recently i have made a traditional tool chest by hand. A medium tool chest take 20-24 hours work to ready for finally finish.
Today I will make a DIY project of tool chest/box.
When it comes to make a tool chest, I strongly recommend to build it old method. We can divide the total procedure in few steps
Let's Go!
1. Design
My design is pretty simple. I took a sheet of paper and made a quick sketch on the paper. I draw the chest with measurements as my required space.
It helps me to determine that how many drawers are need for the space and purpose. It also helps to cut the plywood in specific measurements for maximize the use
plywood with no wasted drops.
I design the organization system for proper and efficient space to use.

2: Materials
I had a full sheet of 3*4 from previous project. I have also few other drop pieces of plywood and wood to use up.
I needed 3.75 sheets of plywood for the tool chest.
The frame will take 1.25 sheets of plywood. on six drawers take 2.5 sheets approximately.
I used 22 inch full open drawer slides in the tool chest. I bought them from amazon , you may find a better deal for them.
On the bottom I used 4 in swivel caster.

3. Chest build
Let's see the procedure
  • Step One, Cut out all the prices with a table saw in required size and shapes.
  • Step Two, Lay dawn the all pieces and set a perpendicular slide to make 90 degree angle with a clap.
  • Step Three, fasten together, You can use a air stapler to secure the shape.
  • Step Four, Rea peat the procedure until the box is completed.

4. Construct the drawers
  1. Cut out drawer bottom for the chest.
  2. Now place one side onto bottom and secure on each end with a 90 degree clamp.
  3. Fasten with staples, nails, or screws permanetly.
  4. Then use 90 degree clamps to attach opposite side of the drawers.
  5. Remaining sides in and fasten up.
  6. Lastly attach the drawer slide to the drawer.

5. Finished Chest
Finally push you all drawer to the chest frame, You are done! You may use sliding system for the drawer.
This tool chest might not be the best one.But you will get pleasure to see the own made tool chest

Oh yes if you are not interested to make a tool chest and want to buy from online. You need a buying guide and few tool chest suggestion.
Damntools have a complete buying guide and few tool chests suggestion.

Suggested materials:
  • Plywood   (online shop)
  • Clamp   (online shop)
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