How to Fold Plastic Grocery Bags & Make a Box Dispenser

Lisa Burningham
by Lisa Burningham

I learned how to fold plastic grocery bags because when it comes to managing bags, I prefer to reuse or recycle them whenever I can. Here's a simple way I fold and store them for later use.

Laying the plastic bag flat

First, I lay out a plastic bag flat and fold one side towards the middle.

Folding toward the middle

Then, I do the same with the other side, folding it towards the middle as well.

Folding the bag
Folding the bag in half

After that, I fold the bag in half neatly, ensuring that the handles at the top align perfectly to create a hole.

Rolling another plastic bag

Next, I grab another plastic bag and start rolling it up tightly from the bottom until I reach the handles.

Attaching the first bag to the second

Once I reach the handles, I take the bottom of another folded bag and slide it through the hole formed by the handles of the first bag.

Rolling the second bag

Then, I continue rolling up the second bag.

Repeating the process

I repeat this process, rolling up each bag and sliding the bottom of the next bag through the handles of the previous one, until I have a large roll of neatly folded bags.

Storing the plastic bags in a box

To store these rolled-up bags, I repurpose an empty Kleenex box.

Sliding the bags into the box

I open one side of the box and slide the roll of plastic bags into it.

Pulling the handles out of the box
How to fold plastic grocery bags

Then, I pull the handles of the bags through the opening at the top of the box.

Now, whenever I need a plastic bag, I can simply pull them out of the Kleenex box one by one, making it easy to reuse them whenever necessary.

How to fold plastic grocery bags

By learning how to fold plastic grocery bags, you can efficiently fold and store your plastic grocery bags. You’ll be keeping them organized and accessible for future use. How do you store your plastic grocery bags? Share your tips in the comments below.

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