How can I organize and update an old and very small kitchen?

q how can i organize and update an old and very small kitchen
q how can i organize and update an old and very small kitchen
Trying to get organized!
q how can i organize and update an old and very small kitchen
I know magnets on fridge must go!
q how can i organize and update an old and very small kitchen
Messy because my daughter moved home from college then left for the Army 🇺🇸
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  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 10, 2017
    Is rest of home in the 70s as well or is home its self not from that time period? I would take a door off and take to a Sherwin Williams store where they can help you with the kind of paint and what you need to do to prepare surface so paint doesn't peel off. I personally would try to stick with style of kitchen that look is back in and of course ,I personally love that time period since I grew up then. But it will be easier to stick to that style just because it's practical. I would use cream color on cabinets to open space up. And ten whatever color you want on walls will match. I wish you would have added pictures or given more details on what you need help with. I mean what kind of counter tops do you have and such. Those countertops might sell on Craigslist if from 70s. Then you could replace them with a few extra bucks thrown in, same thing with cabinets. And if your stove and fridge are avocado green you are beyond lucky. First look how long they have lasted and if in good shape would definitely sell. I would so be keeping them even if you got new finish on them. They last so long and are so large. So you see its hard to give great advice on a 70s kitchen without knowing the condition things are in and what it is you are trying to achieve.

  • Tammy Tammy on Jun 10, 2017
    Simple updates could include a new back splash with peel and stick tiles, check Amazon for the lowest cost. Family Dollar has a decent variety of low cost peel and stick floor tiles that I have had good luck with. If your cabinets are already painted you should have no problem repainting them. New handles and knobs always give a new fresh look, again check Amazon for low cost. If new appliances aren't an option they do make appliance paint. I painted our freezer door with chalkboard paint for an instant message center. The first step to any organization project is purging. Keep only what you really use and like.

  • Tammy Tammy on Jun 10, 2017
    Janie you have a lot of great space and a good start! My first comment was before you added the pictures. First let me congratulate you and say a huge thank you for your daughter joining the service  .
    I would put another shelf in the pantry only farther down than the others do you can put appliances your not using in it. It looks like there are various items on the cart and fridge that could be stowed away. Love the pots and pan rack. The cupboard appears to be pressboard and might be hard to paint but new handles and knobs could really help to update. I would definitely paint the walls, to make the space feel larger I would stock to one color through out the kitchen and table area. Do you use the table to eat at or mainly to craft? If craft is the answer I would either get rid of the table completely or size it down. You could than put a desk there or repurpose an entertainment center into your craft area. If you check Craigslist you can usually find the older ones cheap, the kind that have doors and look like a hutch. Your counter looks like it was updated and is neutral enough to do with any other colors you pick. Good luck! I would love to see the after pictures!

  • Patricia Patricia on Jun 13, 2017
    I think your kitchen is darling. An easy way to update is to change the pulls on the cabinet doors. Box up your daughter's belongings and store the boxes in another room. Then go through your kitchen items and purge as much as possible to keep the counter tops clutter free. I've done that myself and was amazed at how many items I accumulated over the years that I didn't use/need. Good luck!