Do you have pull down from the ceiling storage ideas?

Jackie Lynnley
by Jackie Lynnley

I know there must be something that can be pulled down say to store the many smaller items we have in nearly every room and when retrieved push this device back up out of the way?

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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Sep 03, 2018

    You can install a folding ladder to access your attic. They are available at the big box stores. They are usually mounted on plywood with the other side covered in Sheetrock to match your ceiling. I’ve seen them framed or left plain.

    You will want to put it where you have the most clearance like middle of the house. Put down plywood or osb to place items.

    I would recommend zones.

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Sep 03, 2018

    This company is one of several who sell pull-down mechanisms.

    I would think, depending on your ceiling height, you could make/get cabinets that would be faux-soffits around the perimeter of the room.

    The Victorians were fond of two-story libraries, with a sliding library ladder. You could hang glass-fronted cabinets high, with bookcases on either end for support. That would be climbing rather than pull-down.

    Several companies make drop-down unit for garages. I’m not sure they’re very aesthetically pleasing for most traditional decor, but if you like “industrial” I’m sure you could make them work.

    • Jackie Lynnley Jackie Lynnley on Sep 03, 2018

      Not exactly what I had in mind but very interesting and will definitely check all those out later. Thank you.

  • 4002639 4002639 on Sep 03, 2018

    These pull down steps are nice to have but can be a 2 person or more job to do, the device is heavy. So preparation is important and so is knowledge of the structure of your house. They go between the ceiling joist. So the direction in your hallway will dictate if you can put one there.

    I would investigate all of your options. In my area they run from $150-$225 and can be aluminum or wood.

    The package come with instructions for installation, follow them!! Be sure you have the proper safety gear and have prepared your attic space appropriately. The insulation has a job to do, wear a mask and gloves when dealing with it.

    When packing your belongs, don't use cardboard boxes. Plastic totes that are waterproof will protect your belongings from a leaking roof and critters. (Trust me on this one.)

    Most importantly, watch where you step! I can remember my mom and dad installing these as a kid. All of a sudden a small crack/ouch and there was her foot and part of her leg hanging out of the ceiling! Needless to say, my dad said, we will put them there, lol 🤣.

    There are several You-rube videos on this subject by contractors and manufacturing companies that I would watch before I cut a hole. It will give you and idea of what to expect when you begin the process.

  • Jackie Lynnley Jackie Lynnley on Sep 03, 2018

    Thank you Lori, do not know why I didn't think to look at YouTube, they are usually so thorough. Just what I need. Thanks again!