Add Built-In Dressers

A closet without enough storage space can quickly become a real mess, regardless of how big it is. This means that fitting built-in dressers is a clever move. Hometalker Sue Purdy built a base and dividers so that her dressers slotted right in there. The end result was a very well-organized storage space that looks great. This kind of DIY closet organizer makes the most of the available space. Get tutorial here

Hide the Laundry Basket

One of the biggest problems for a tidy house is when laundry ends up sprinkled all over the closet and bedroom. Setting aside a designated laundry area where baskets can be hidden away out of sight helps to keep the whole place looking better. Colleen@lifeonkayderosscreek did this as part of her bedroom closet makeover and ended up with a great-looking closet. It is amazing the difference that this can make. Get tutorial here

Get a Closet Shoe Organizer Fitted

Having shoes scattered all over your closet floor is going to make it incredibly awkward to use. By adding a closet shoe organizer, you can keep all of your footwear in one place. This frees up space elsewhere and also makes choosing the right shoes every day a lot simpler, too. Jenny @ The NY Melrose Family added a smart shoe organizer in her closet and the results were pretty impressive. Get tutorial here

Choose the Right Closet Organizers and Garment Racks

In many cases, homeowners neglect to make the best possible use of their bedroom storage space. By choosing closet organizers and garment racks to fit the closet, you fill it neatly and sensibly. The starting point is with working out your needs and comparing them to the available space. Beverly O'Malley showed us a good example of this with her walk-in closet design that transformed her bedroom. Get tutorial here

Use Closet Shelf Organizer Ideas

Some bedroom closets have very few shelves, while some don’t have any at all in them. This means that the owner may end up leaving more objects on the floor or thrown over whatever spare space they can find. A few sturdy shelves can be used for a variety of items, such as shoes, bags or folded clothes. See how Linda @ Home Is Where My Heart Is added some nice shelves that made a huge difference. Get tutorial here

Turn a Spare Bedroom into a Closet

Could the secret to a better closet involve making good use of another part of the home? One of the most interesting closet organizer ideas is to turn a spare bedroom into a new closet. This is a good way of using a room that isn’t currently needed as a bedroom. An example of how this can work can be seen in the cool project carried out by Kimberly Noelle to improve her closet space. Get tutorial here

Use Existing Pieces of Furniture

It can make perfect sense to look for furniture in other rooms that can be used in your closet. By doing this, you can add the likes of shelves, chests of drawers, and anything else that might give you the storage options you are after. Hometalker Single Girl’s DIY did this with a fantastic outcome. Another option is to look for cheap, second-hand furniture for sale that could fit the bill. Get tutorial here

Closet Organizer Ideas - Add More Light

A dark, uninviting closet is likely to be somewhere that you avoid at all costs. Adding a new window is a fairly big DIY job but it can bring useful results by making the space look brighter and far more appealing to spend time in. John @ AZ DIY Guy added a window during his revamp of his kid’s room. If you want to add more light in an easier way, then consider adding a lamp or a cordless light. Get tutorial here

Use Storage Boxes As Closet Organizer Solutions

What if you currently need to leave too many clothes lying untidily out in the open or on the floor? The use of storage boxes as cheap closet organizer solutions can be perfect for some bedrooms. In the example of Hometalker Shanice, she completely transformed a cluttered storage space with the addition of some pretty storage boxes. This is one of the speediest ways of reorganizing a messy closet. Get tutorial here

Add Lots of Compartments for Use as Small Closet Organizer Options

Having just a few, big storage spaces often means having to crush everything together. On the other hand, if you add a good number of smaller compartments, this can help you to organize your belongings far more successfully. We can see how this works with the details provided by The Rozy Home. This closet immediately became far more useful once the space was neatly divided up in an orderly manner. Get tutorial here

Looking for ways to organize your cluttered a

We all love buying boots but trying to store them away tidily can be a nightmare, can’t it? Even a closet shoe organizer might not be the answer, as long boots can easily flop and take up more space. While sorting out their closet, This Hometalker came up with an ingenious solution to this problem. By adding pool noodles inside the boots, it is far easier to organize them. Get tutorial here

Make the Closet Bigger

Having a closet that is too small might seem like a problem that is impossible to fix, but is it? nBy considering all of the possibilities, it may be that you need to make it bigger before implementing any closet organization ideas. In the case of Tee @ Beauteefulliving, removing the drywall at the front and the wooden frame gave a far bigger space to work with. This let her fit in a custom closet. Get tutorial here

Transparent Containers Make Finding Stuff Easier

If you can’t find what you are after, then you may mess up a lot of other things while you search. However, if you can clearly see all of your clothes and accessories, it is easier to find what you are after each time. Becky Barnfather gives us a good example of this with her use of transparent storage containers. In this way, nothing is hidden away out of sight. Get tutorial here

Use Cable Straps as Hanging Closet Organizer Solutions

Finding ways of hanging up more clothes is one of the secrets of well-organized, attractive closets. If you need to find some small closet organization ideas, then increasing your hanging space is going to help you immensely. Fab and Pretty came up with a clever hack using cable straps. This can free up extra space elsewhere and make everything so much neater and tidier to look at as well. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Clothes by Days

Looking through a kid’s closet each morning can add extra time and stress to the daily routine. A kid’s closet organizer is a good idea but what are the key issues for children when getting dressed? One of them is deciding what to wear each day. This can take up a lot of time but Hometalker Angela, Blue i Style has a great tip. She organized the clothes by days, making each morning less stressful. Get tutorial here

Filter Out the Clothes You Don’t Wear

Is your closet cluttered up with clothes that you never even wear? This is the case for most people. Deciding which clothes to remove is a crucial part of organizing your closet effectively. A smart tip from Darla DeMorrow is to hang all of your hangers backwards. As you use them, you turn them around. So, a hanger that it still backwards after a year contains something you haven’t worn at all. Get tutorial here