How to fill a flower box with artificial flowers that look real

by Beverlykmills
  3 answers
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 30, 2018

    Fill the inside of the box with pine cones or styrofoam pellets or something else lightweight and pliable. Buy your flowers at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Use wire cutters to cut the flowers apart if they naturally grow that way. If they grow in bunches like roses, leave them in the bunch. Notice how the flowers are displayed. Succulents and cacti are particularly lifelike. More is better for a flowerbox. Cover the “ground” on top, some mulch or marbles or sand. Make sure the flowers look 3D, not in a flat row. A few leaves should spill over the side. More should be a little higher, climbing the side. Do your design, look in magazines, showrooms, and online. How does yours compare? Good work—you finished. Now how could you make your arrangement better? Enjoy your creation! ☺️

  • Mellissa Mellissa on Jun 30, 2018

    As with any fake flowers, the trick to making them look real is to get rid of the fake stems. Don't be afraid to cut the flower bunches off the original stems. You will need some wire cutters or very strong household scissors. Save the stems for now, you may need them later. So once you have a bunch of short flower sprays start decorating your container. Anchor the stems in your foam or whatever you are filling it with. Start with your tallest in the center then your two longest, one on each side tumbling over the edge of your container, Then fill in the spaces between with your other flowers. Make sure the front ones rest on the front edge of your container. You can fi!l in between them with any left over leaves. If they have no stems, you can add the stems you discarded on the original plant. If you remembered to buy a roll of floral tape where you bought your cake flowers. Tear off about 5 inches and wrap the two stems pulling with a little tension on the tape to make it stick to itself. Continue filling in with greenery or flowers until all your underpinnings are hidden. It's more realistic if you have a couple of sprays spilling over the edge. You could even cut a few bare branches from some nearby bushes to accent in a few spots if you live somewhere that has bushes. Don't overdo it and be careful not to cut on someone's private property. I hope this helps. Google flower arranging to look at pictures of what you want and how to create your basic shape. The trick to Silk flowers looking real is copying nature. Don't be afraid of cutting into your flower stems, you can always tape things back together if need be. And he prepared to redo often if they will be in the sun. The colors will fade quickly. Have fun!