Question regarding pavers

We want to put down pavers on the side of our house where our garbage cans are. It is currently gravel and since we have Douglas Fir trees all around the house, needles, pine cones, sticks etc. get everywhere. It is impossible to clean up that area without spending a crazy amount of time, energy and hard well as removing a lot of the gravel. We are getting older and I am disabled, so we would like a hard surface that we can just use a leaf blower to clean up

My question is: how do we lay pavers if part of the area is sloped? We want the pavers to lie flat, but can’t visualize how that will work if the surface is not flat and level.

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions😊

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  • You will need a base and sand to prevent them from shifting/heaving. Here's a link on installation:

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 13, 2018
    I would check out the slope and make sure that it isn't for drainage away from the house. You have to get rid of the gravel first to see what is necessary. We put in pavers down where we took out some ugly old shrubs that were half dead along the west side of the front of our house and made a sitting area. We leveled it, yet left in the little slope that would keep water away from the house. It was very little and wouldn't cause a problem. We leveled the soil as we went, we didn't put down the gravel and sand, it took too much of the budget for the pavers. We put in a row, front to back so that it stayed level with the sidewalk and the driveway. When the row was stable (we walked on the tiles to make sure they didn't rock and added or subtracted soil as necessary), we went on the next row. Once we were done putting down all the pavers, we checked again for stability and left it for a week or two to settle and checked and adjusted where necessary, although for us all was good. We then put down landscape cloth (already had some in garage) underneath the pavers to help with weed control. It is now three years later and it is still in great shape, even with the nasty Minnesota winters. I hope this can help you Melodi! My husband is disabled and he did a bunch of the work while I worked on planting the hosta garden where we took out the rest of the shrubs (he won't do anything with planting except maybe dig a hole).

  • Melodi Whitaker Melodi Whitaker on Jul 13, 2018
    Thank you so much, Nancy! I never thought about drainage! Or landscaping cloth! I definitely do not want to deal with weeds! We will be doing the work is cost prohibitive to have someone else do it, unfortunately.It sounds like your seating area turned out great!

    i put in a hosta garden on the other side of our house😊😊😊i just love hostas!

    Thanks again for your helpful suggestions!❤️