Any labor saving ideas on how to get the dirt from the bottom of the hill to the top? Slope is 45 degrees.

Kelly S
by Kelly S

wheelbarrow won't work because of the terrain.

excavated weedy mulch/dirt from the from yard
top of the slope
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  • Paula R Paula R on May 26, 2012
    create a pulley at the top and use a smooth bottom container. Fill the container and pull it up the hill with the pulley
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 26, 2012
    Not a bad idea, I was looking at buckets on a rope. 15 loads is a lot of buckets. Nothing to anchor a pulley to though.
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 26, 2012
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.
  • Vicki N Vicki N on May 26, 2012
    20 bucks to a teenage boy. He'll figure it out fast.
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 26, 2012
    @Vicki, Looking for some in the neighborhood willing to work.
  • 3po3 3po3 on May 26, 2012
    Post an offer on Craigslist. A couple of young guys could take care of it pretty quick for a few bucks.
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 26, 2012
    thanks Steve. My coworkers are all having teenager issues and I wish I had a couple to put to work lol. I'll try the newspaper at work. There's bound to be somebody who wants a few bucks. Eventually we want to terrace the back so we can have more yard.
  • Paul M Paul M on May 27, 2012
    A wagon behind a riding mower would move that very easily.
  • Hilah M Hilah M on May 27, 2012
    Have a cookout and give everyone a shovel. LOL
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 27, 2012
    @Hilah M. thought about that! Kinda like a painting party. @Paul M Don't have a riding mower and with the slope a 45 I wouldn't want a tip over. We might be able to hook a pulley to the skinny tree in the other corner and pull up buckets. I'm goin to check with a neighbor who has a teenage son to see if he'll be able to help. I'm swagging that it will take about 45 bucket fulls to move it all because it was 15 trips with the wheelbarrow from the front to the back.
  • Cher D Cher D on May 27, 2012
    stick of dyomite
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 27, 2012
    teenager...shovel and a few buckets.
  • Starlett L Starlett L on May 27, 2012
    throw it on a tarp and pull it up
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 27, 2012
    @Starlette L thank your for your Service. A folded over tarp would hold much more than a bucket. @ Paula R a pulley and rope would make it easier on my back @KMS now to find the teenagers. that would make it a whole lot easier on my back! @Cher D that would definitely be fun but then the dirt would be everywhere.
  • Susan S Susan S on May 27, 2012
    Good luck w/this one Kelly. You know, I would offer to help but . . . . . Once you find you solution and have this problem solved and all the dirt is moved to the top - we'd love to see "after" pics. Sooooo - whatcha gonna make up there after all is said & done???
  • Chris J Chris J on May 27, 2012
    Get your hands on one of those big blue "toboggans" that the kids use. They're about 6 feet long and are flat. Attach a long rope and just pull it up the hill. I used ours to haul a salt sand mix from the street barrel to our sidewalk in the winter. It worked pretty good.
  • Gigi Moore Gigi Moore on May 27, 2012
    friends passing up small buckets ...and have a cold cooler of beer and wine some fun jams and there you go.............. just think of the amount of sand that was used for water dams. this is nothing
  • Mike L. Mike L. on May 27, 2012
    Place the Dirt on a Tarp and pull or Wench it up the hill.
  • Molly F Molly F on May 27, 2012
    don't envy your project...
  • Aimee L Aimee L on May 27, 2012
    Kelly, I'm thinking I'd get a bobcat in there!?! Definitely not a wheelbarrow, too much sweat equity! I'll be excited to see follow up pictures! XO, Aimee
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 27, 2012
    Eventualllly it will be terraced with the first level enen with the top of the firepit and another level about three feet up and yes Aimee L, that will be a bobcat job. Right now I'm just trying to get the 15 yr old mulch/weed roots/ junk soil to the top. Can't use it for anything but fill because of the weeds. It came from the front. @Bonnie C I thing they got their sand from here! That's all there is around here.
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 27, 2012
    I just put up the pictures of where it came from. Oh yea the front yard is sloped too. I know there are alot of concerns concerning recycled rubber mulch but I don't want anything to grow there.
  • Molly F Molly F on May 27, 2012
    know a bunch of people to start an assembly line - pass the bucket - fill it pass it.....
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 27, 2012
    All our friends are older and more broken than us. I plan on checking with the other supervisors at work to see if they have any teenagers for rent. Pizza and soda for the under 21 beer for the over 21.
  • Never serve beer at a painting party. Learned that the hard way. Why not construct a tier where the soil sits? This soil can end up being the base for the better stuff you will need anyway? Best to just find some local kids to do this simple task for you. They can have it done in no time.
  • Linda R Linda R on May 28, 2012
    I'd cut into the hill below the plants that are at top of hill, build retaining wall ,start your terrace from there.Good luck.
  • Msprissysmom Msprissysmom on May 28, 2012
    The dirt looks like it needs to stay there to even (without ruts) the ground out, add more dirt from the other side of the fence?
  • M A M A on May 28, 2012
    Pay the neighborhood kids.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 28, 2012
    When I read "15 loads" I realized this was some sort of large project you have going here. Any large project takes either a lot of people or you have to think big! Take the time to learn how to rig up a pully system and then go about setting some poles in concrete, let them set and then put the pully system in place. This is not a "I'll work on this when I can sort of project...that is unless you plan to take some time to get it finished.
  • Kelly S Kelly S on May 28, 2012
    @Woodbridge I don't bring out the alcohol until painting or whatever is 2/3 done other wise things get a little too creative.:) @Jeanette S 15 wheelbarrow loads that were probably 1/2 full. Turns out the reason the darn thing was so hard to push was a low tire. @Linda R and Micky D We have fences on three edges of the property. Right now I just want the dirt up to the top to help with leveling things out. the 45 degree bank is higher on one end that the other. We plan on cutting back the slope with a bobcat and putting in a retaining wall that is the same height as the back wall of the fire pit. Then go back and up a few feet for the final terrace that will be even with the fence. Yes it is a massive job. We want to wait until our Harley Bear is gone because we also will need to reseed the entire back yard after the bobcat work. The back yard is hers and the front is mine. She's a 13 1/2 yr old shephard/husky mix tht still kicks and digs. The fire pit will become a water feature area since we can no longer have large open fires because of the clean air act.
  • Molly F Molly F on May 29, 2012
    Let us know how/what works and send pictures Good luch!!
  • Kelly F Kelly F on May 29, 2012
    Wheel barrow and muscle. Find a y teenage boy and give them a few bucks. That's what I do for big muscle jobs. Even a 5 gallon bucket will work to move dirt a little at a time. :)
    • Louise Louise on May 08, 2015
      @Kelly F If you can FIND a teen who will do manual labor!!! Good luck with THAT! :-(
  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jul 01, 2012
    Muscle, pulley, tarp and time. That is what will be used. Thanks to all for your ideas. Dirt is still there because I've no time in my budget due to work constraints. Maybe next month when things calm down at work.
  • Msprissysmom Msprissysmom on Jul 02, 2012
    A sign in the front yard for a Saturday "bring your shovel neighborhood event." You might want to cook some BBQ and have lots of lemonade to drink (make sure you put that on the sign!) Legs quarters cut up are cheap and some frozen corn wrap in foil for the pit. Keep finger food and napkins. Saves on paper plates and spending too much money. Do it early so no one expects alcoholic beverages and because of the heat. Or you could just hire a professional landscaper, or rent a small bulldozer. Either way you are going to have to fork out some cash to get this completed. is good website for suggestions as well.
  • Sharon B Sharon B on Dec 31, 2012
    why not use a tarp and have a couple people pull that up the hill w the dirt
  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jan 01, 2013
    Thanks all for your input. The dirt is still there since things didn't lighten up at work until it started raining. It's on my to-do-list of dry late spring work. I work outdoors for my job so the last thing I want is to come home and be back out in the wet & cold.
  • Melody M Melody M on Jan 03, 2013
    i would ask a local school group who is looking for community work and throw in a pizza and some drinks ...:) they are usually pretty good at trying to help community folks... just remember them at donation time:))
  • Diane Johnson Diane Johnson on Jan 05, 2013
    I use the plastic top from my son's old sand box, heavy duty plastic that looks like a turtle shell. I put a pull rope off the top and use it for everything in my gardening, leaves, dirt, rocks, even use it to tranport large rocks from one area to the next. It SLIDES over almost anything, and doesn't damage grass! I have also used his old plastic sled too.
  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jan 05, 2013
    Turtle Power, I like that. Certainly more fun that a tarp. I'll look around good will or such this spring and see what they have.
  • Diane Johnson Diane Johnson on Jan 06, 2013
    Good Kelly, or look for a plastic sled/tobaggan (as mentioned above) on clearance sale after the winter. I love mine as I drag the turtle all over the property after me for weeding and branches/sticks in all seasons. Really makes a time and labor difference in 'waste' management!
  • Msprissysmom Msprissysmom on Jan 07, 2013
    soak down the fence and burn the weeds (keeping the hose handy) then use a tiller and some "Weed Be Gone" to till it up and then rake. Put some plastic over it until you are ready to plant again or design something that is low maintenance. Pine trees will keep away weeds.
  • Melody M Melody M on Jan 14, 2013
    I would love to have that hill in my yard.. cause all i can see is a water fall feature and beautiful casscadeing flowers down the side of the waterfall.... .. let me know how this turns out for you .
  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jan 14, 2013
    The black thing in the second picture is a tumbler for mulch which I can't use on the gardens because that is where I put my grass clippings, weeds and shredded credit offers. It doesn't seem to get hot enough to kill the weed seeds. I found out the hard way. Just below it is a fire pit that the county says I can't use now because of the burn restrictions (it's too big and the only time it's dry enough we have burn bans). I plan on a water feature there and terracing it eventually so I can have a veggie garden back there. For this spring I just want to get the scrap dirt from various other projects to the top right hand corner to help level it out. A bobcat would be a big help both this spring and when we do terrace it but I don't know if it will fit between my house and the fence < 8' on one side and <5' on the other. So far turtle power seems to be it unless I can find some local teens wanting $$ this summer. No luck last year.
  • Jo Hunt Jo Hunt on May 31, 2015
    Use it where it is--- mound it and plant ground cover, flowers, make tiers in the soil with stones or wood and plant strawberries.
  • Ag Castor Ag Castor on Oct 10, 2016
    Have a party. Everybody brings a bucket, carries one or two loads up, or does a bucket brigade. Many hands make light work.