How can I make a DIY rain cover for hummingbird feeders?

by Sally

how do i find the way to make hummingbird feeder covers to protect from the rain

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  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Mar 07, 2020


    I am a bird lover especially hummers. I look forward to feeding them every year. Here are ideas I found for your project,

    • Sally Sally on Mar 07, 2020

      Thank You Cheryl.I also am a bird lover,I think I have seen so many different kinds,and especially love my little hummers too.Happy birding!

  • Em Em on Mar 07, 2020

    The rain should not bother them. The little cups where the hummingbird sticks their beak allows the new nectar to flow into the well as they drink. You need to change the nectar and thoroughly scrub the feeder every few days. Only add a small amount of the nectar daily and rinse then once a week wash the entire feeder with soap and a toothbrush. The nectar can spoil quickly in the heat and make the birds sick. If you insist on a cover try to cut a hole in an aluminum pie plate and slip on the top of the feeder before you hang it back up.

  • Nan W. Nan W. on Mar 07, 2020

    Sally: I've had a hummer feeder for over 20 years... and have never had a problem that required a rain cover. (When it's pouring rain, they don't fly.)

    • Tina M Tina M on Jun 06, 2020

      I live in Florida and the hummingbirds always feed in the rain so my husband did this simple thing of putting a plastic plate above them it works great!! As you can see in this picture it is raining and there is a hummingbird feeding there was 2 but as I took the picture he left.

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  • Here is a video I found with some tips:

  • You really don't need any. They will not fly if raining too hard. I have them year round and two families living in one of my Texas privet shrubs. My mom always had feeders, hence, no matter where I have lived, I have had them as well. Two of my feeders are protected by my front porch and in inclement weather, they favor those first. Now up to six feeders. And they come to my kitchen window to inform me if they run low.

  • Deb K Deb K on Mar 07, 2020

    Hi Sally, I saw this picture, you just take a plastic bowl and mount the feeder low inside the bowl, then hang as usual. Hope this helps you

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