How do you make something to decorate a grave ?

Joanna Maddox
by Joanna Maddox
A friend is having trouble making decorations for a grave site that he can make it pretty with sunflowers on the grave but with out digging into the ground( tribal land) but won't blow away in the wind and sun
Sunflowers for a friends gravesite but need a way to secure them without digging into the ground for a permanent display that be made of silk flowers but will stand up to Arizona's bright sun and vicious winds
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 08, 2018

    put them in a pot with soil.

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jun 08, 2018

    I use a brick with styrofoam wired to top for holding flowers. Cut stem and stick flowers in the styrofoam arranging as you wish. Hope this works for you!

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Jun 09, 2018

    Our family graves are out of state from us. We only get there a couple times a year. I have found that a bundle of 'silk' flowers bought from my big box store works well. They come already bundled into a strong lower stem that my husband thrusts into the soil till fully half the stem portion (or more) is in the ground. There is no way the wind can blow them away. The 'silk' is really plastic and is rain and snow proof. We've left them in as long as three years and, though they look a bit sad by then, they have lasted just fine. No major holes or construction necessary; just five dollars or less a bundle plus my trip out there. We don't get as much sun here in the midwest, but it should be okay if you change them a couple times a year. (Missed the part about Arizona!)

  • Carol Cole Carol Cole on Jun 09, 2018

    I make headstone clips and sell them. They are time consumeing but turn out beautifully. It is a clip , styrafoam, wire and silk flowers.

  • Carol Cole Carol Cole on Jun 09, 2018

    For the flat headstones get a plant hook and make a flower arrangement. I would make the arrangement dark so they would last longer if I were you.

    Make a nice arrangement with abasket of flowers that would hang on the hook . Be sure to weigh the basket with some stone so a wind won't blow it away. Then glue in the styrafoam to the stone and when it it dry arrange your flower in it and hange on the hook.

  • Laura Glass Laura Glass on Jun 09, 2018

    Get a piece of chicken wire the width and length of the grave, attach the flowers to the wire The length and width can be what ever you want it to be. As you place the flowers on the wire, weave weave the stems through the wire, then tie them down, if you start the flowers from both ends of the chicken wire and meet in the middle. It is easier to hide the big stems. The "staples" used to anchor plastic sheeting work really well. You can use flowers of the same size or, have a large flower in the middle and graduate the sizes down to the ends.

  • SSiemionko SSiemionko on Jun 09, 2018

    I buy a plastic cone container from the dollar store, place a styrofoam piece inside and insert the flowers. when I place them at the cemetery, I take a couple of hangers that I have cut and bent into candy cane shapes, insert the cane part into the cone and push the straight piece into the ground. I use 2 or 3 pieces of the wire hanger to keep the cone in place.

  • Vcm8170961 Vcm8170961 on Jun 09, 2018

    You might want to consider using small rocks in a container to keep it from blowing away.

  • B. A.  McLain B. A. McLain on Jun 09, 2018

    For a Christmas decoration for my sister's grave, I took some leftover cement mix in our shed and I mixed some of it in a small decorative bucket, and added a small, 1 foot tall, Christmas tree from a Big Lots store. After the cement cured, I decorated the tree with small ornaments and added a small angel, which I glued on top of the tree. It was heavy enough not to blow away, and has lasted for several years.

  • Patti Patti on Jun 09, 2018

    Before you do ANY OF THE ABOVE, check with the cemetery and find out their policies. It would be sad if you spent a great deal of time, love and money to make a lovely memorial, only to find out it isn't allowed.

  • Car33466483 Car33466483 on Jun 10, 2018

    As Patti stated check the rules. I make cemetery arrangements on a " saddle"

    You can buy them at most craft stores in the floral hobby lobby. It comes with a piece of floral foam attached to which you insert/glue your flowers into.

    I made this one recently for a headstone. But they can be used for graveside too then you use tent pegs to secure to grass. All items put in the az sun will fade. I live here in Havasu and is awful on florals but it will last longer if you protect it with a Good UV spray protection and clear sealer spray. Here is one I made. Hope it helps.