I need to get rid of frogs from my fish pond, can I use lime?

by Ara1639984
I am told that the frogs eat fish fingerlings, is it true?
  4 answers
  • Mary Stanley Mary Stanley on May 05, 2015
    Anything that kills the frogs will kill the fish.
  • Rae Rae on May 06, 2015
    Mary Stanley is right. If you use anything harmful, you will affect any life in your pond. We have a frog living in our pond and it hasn't harmed any fish. Our fish have multiplied and we currently have about 30 young and the frog doesn't show any interest. If you are determined to eliminate the frogs, I would try capturing them and relocating them somewhere else.
  • Carole Carole on May 06, 2015
    Please don't kill the frogs! You are lucky to have them. Frogs are the barometer of the health of the area. Too many frogs are being lost to fungal skin disease and their numbers are dropping. We should be protecting these creatures not killing them!
  • Carole Carole on May 06, 2015
    BTW, frogs travel back to the pond where they were born to breed. If you want to reduce their numbers over time, then remove any frog spawn and put it somewhere else, such as a (clean) river area. They will return there to breed rather than your pond when they are adults. Please ensure if you do this that the area is suitable for the frogs though.