Is it possible to enclose a yard?

by Lorrie

Hi I'm trying to come up up any ideas on how to fence off a section of my backyard for my pup to play in...I'm not sure on where the septic lines or leach field are. I dont want to dig to put posts in & chance hitting the pipes or ruining the leach field...Any ideas on how to fence off an area that will be study fence without putting posts in the ground? It needs to be 4or 5 ft high... Septic companies want from 3 to 8 hundred dollars to come out & try to show where the pipes & field are..thanks

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  • Gk Gk on Jun 09, 2019

    Here's an idea for you Lorrie! You don't have to dig to use these kinds of posts. The septic lines would be much deeper than these fence posts would go in the ground. They are pushed/pounded in. You can usually tell where your leach field is because the grass is much greener and lush. I don't think this kind of fencing would hurt your septic system.

    You might also consider a PetSafe Wireless fence system for your dog. You do not have to d ig any wires in the ground with a wireless system. I have used this PetSafe system for many years to keep my dogs in a certain area in my yard and away from a busy county road. You can do some minimal training and your dog will learn to stay in his boundaries. I will NEVER be without a wireless fence system for my dogs. I do have a real fence around 3 sides of my yard. My dogs can and would jump the fences to go exploring in the fields but the wireless system keeps them IN the yard!

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    • Terry Foster Terry Foster on Jun 16, 2019

      The major...and it is big...problem with electric fences is your dog can't get away from predators...or stray dogs...from coming into your yard and killing especially a small dog that can't even try to get away.

  • Gk Gk on Jun 10, 2019


    The wireless fence does not hurt the dogs. It scares them but does not hurt them. I have actually "shocked" myself with the collar more than once so I know what it feels like. It doesn't hurt--it just startles you. It is just a vibration not a electrocution. It's far far better than having a dog get hit by a car, truck, school bus or semi. Once the dog is trained to the beep that comes before the vibration they seldom get "shocked". My dogs have never been hurt by the wireless electric fence. I do know some people don't agree with the idea of a "shock" collar but all my dogs have lived to be 12 to 14 years old and were happy, well cared for dogs and were never harmed because of the wireless fence. I understand your thoughts on the wireless fence however because not everyone likes the idea. I initially didn't like the idea either but it works for my situation. I hope you can find some fencing that works for you!

    • Sharon Sharon on Jun 16, 2019

      Still, it doesn't keep your dog safe from other animals or people and there have been some dogs who ran through to chase something but then wouldn't come back through to get home.