Asked on Jul 26, 2013

Privacy Screen Keeps Blowing Over in the Wind

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by Everyday Edits
I recently purchased this privacy screen from Lowes. Less than a week after I purchased the screen I found it split in two after a windy evening. I can't seem to find a solution to acomodate the width of each panel (20"). The 2nd photo is one I found either on HomeTalk or Pinterest (or both) when I was searching for possible solutions. The issue is it is difficult to find a large enough base and not take up to0 much of the patio space (prime real estate). Here is the complete post: Taking Suggestions!
Privacy screen from Lowes. The back side has the metal backing seen in my photos.
Found this on HomeTalk or Pinterest or Both when i searched for possible solutions to my dismantled privacy screen.
This is 2/3's of the panel after a windy evening tore it apart at the hinges. I have it propped against the house exterior wall and the chair.
Here's the remaining 1/3 of the privacy screen. Currently propped up with a cooler.
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