How to keep a patio umbrella from flying away?

We recently purchased a new patio umbrella for our table. The new umbrella keeps flying away. It fits into a heavy Base and screws in, but it is still taking off. The umbrella does have vents in the top that I thought was to prevent this but it's not working. And it doesn't seem to take much wind before it takes off. Unfortunately, it will even take the table with it and has already broken one of my beautiful pots. Any suggestions?

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  • Drill a hole through the stem at the base of the umbrella stand and the pole and set it with a pin. My base is solid concrete just for that reason. You may need a sturdier or heavier base. It can get pretty windy here occasionally, when it does, I take the umbrella down and turn the patio tables upside down on the lawn so they do not shatter.

  • Mariann McWhinney Mariann McWhinney on Jun 16, 2018
    cut a hole in a wooden picnic table, if you have one. the umbrella won"t get out of that.

  • RWM12942700 RWM12942700 on Jun 16, 2018
    You can't stop the wind. That is why umbrellas can be folded. Crank it down on a windy day. Wrap with a stretch cord or tie to keep wind from opening it when it is folded down. Any thing that is built like a wind sail will move in the wind.

  • Sandra Sandra on Jun 16, 2018

    Paint a tire or two and put it on the base of the pole. You can also use a large planter or 5 gallon bucket in cement or post hope mix in the container ( it can be mixed in the container, just make sure it is standing straight), then paint it the color of the umbrella.
    We used the planter and concrete on our mailbox pole, works great. It does not move!!
    Hope this helps