Stacked Flagstone Fountain

Sheila Custis
by Sheila Custis
1 Material
4 Hours
My husband built this sweet little stacked flagstone fountain for me a few years back. The birds absolutely love it ! I added the lettering on the fence right after that.
He dug down in the bed and added a reservoir for the water to pool in.  He then added the pump and has a hose feeding the water supply with a float that automatically fills the fountain when the water level drops below a certain point.  He placed a wire screen over the water reservoir supported by stones on each side and began stacking the flagstone, feeding the supply line up as he stacked.  The water cascades off the stones so pretty and makes a nice splashing sound that is so soothing. 
Suggested materials:
  • Flagstone, screen, water reservoir, water pump, hoses, electric supply, water supply, screen   (We are in the hardscape business so some of our materials came from jobs where we had leftover materials.)
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