Asked on Feb 28, 2017

Help! Smoke alarm goes off every time I clean the oven!

Georgia hays
by Georgia hays
  7 answers
  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 28, 2017

    by what method are you cleaning the oven? the self cleaning mode? the self cleaning mode basically gets super hot and burns the food residue off. it produces a lot of heat...and will make you fire alarm sing. get your self a can oven cleaner or a diy mix and scour that oven. when its clean, look up silicone mats for ovens. they line the bottom of the oven and catch the spills. the best part---the crud just slips off.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Mar 01, 2017

    Is it possible that there was a big spill in your oven? maybe you can clean that manually ( as much as you can manage) and then start the clean mode so that it doesn't release smoke and the like. Good luck!

  • C Van Houten C Van Houten on Mar 01, 2017

    It happens to me, too. What I do is turn on the range hood. I also open my kitchen windows and put window fans in them, backwards to suck out the smoke. If my oven isn't too filthy (No big puddles of grease or sugar on the bottom) it works like a dream. Just be sure to start the fans the moment you turn on the oven to self clean. If you wait until you see smoke building up, it's too late.

  • Ginny Ginny on Mar 03, 2017

    Mine does too but it's because of the heat that the stove generates during the cleaning process. If you have ceiling fans, run them during cleaning; or, use floor or table fans in areas/rooms near the kitchen to keep hot air circulating. Open windows and screen doors as well.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Mar 07, 2017

    Clean your oven more frequently so as to not create as much heat/smoke ( you can shorten the length of the clean cycle). Ventilate the area in any way you can.

  • Ann G Ann G on Mar 08, 2017

    My smoke and heat detectors go off when I'm cooking. they are a whole house system so all go off. We have replaced individual alarms but not whole system. Is there anyway to reduce sensitivity in kitchen area. I rent this house out during summer and is a real problem. I can fan the detector or unplug it but I would rather have a permanent fix!

  • Georgia hays Georgia hays on Mar 08, 2017

    would it be harmful to the oven to use painters tape to cover the vents in the oven door during the cleaning cycle?

    • Sherri Sherri on Nov 19, 2019

      The heat from the oven would just burn off the painters tape.