Asked on Aug 20, 2016

How to secure a sliding screen door?

by Ann9773664
Our apartment's sliding screen door doesn't provide enough security. The back patio is public for all tenants/visitors who are going to the main pool. Our landlord does not want to spend extra $$ on security for the screen door. He suggested that we add it. Please advise
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  • Bet6283921 Bet6283921 on Aug 21, 2016
    Buy a heavy wooden dowel or broom handle at Home Depot or Lowe's, cut to the length of your sliding door track. Insert for security!
    • Sue2013 Sue2013 on Aug 21, 2016
      This works for the Glass sliding part when you want to secure the whole door. This person is looking for the screen to be secured. I do that with the stick at night when we are asleep.
  • Sue2013 Sue2013 on Aug 21, 2016
    We put a security chain on the screen door and the chain goes to the frame inside our house on our wall. Its the kind of chain for the doors that people put on their inside doors in apt. for security so when you open the door the chain can let you see who it is but is still in a locked potions I hope you understand what I'm saying. We screwed the small hooked end to the screen and the chain part to the inside frame of our inside our next to our door. Just measure so you can hook it tight but so you can up hook it. I hope that helps. It works for me.
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    • Nancy Spencer Carlson Nancy Spencer Carlson on Aug 22, 2016
      could you post a picture of your door?
  • Crystal Meyer Griffith Crystal Meyer Griffith on Aug 24, 2016
    Security for a screen door is almost impossible since anyone can simply push the screen in. They are far too flimsy and you should not have any feeling of security even with locks, etc. The sliding glass door is different. 2 sticks can ensure no one comes in. One stick should be slid into the space above the door so it cannot be lifted off the track and another to place on the bottom track so it cannot be opened. If both your doors slide, you will need to drill a hole where the doors overlap and place a pin of some type into the holes so neither door can be moved.
  • Meri C Meri C on Aug 26, 2016
    If you really want security, put in a door alarm. If someone tries to come in while the alarm is activated, you'll know it.
  • Ddddddddddddddd Ddddddddddddddd on Apr 28, 2018

    Idiot answers so far except the one about using an apartment chain. If not that, do this- buy a small hook&eye bolt set. These come each with threaded base. Screw one into the frame of the screen door near the side that closes to the wall. Screw the other to the wall or door casing inside the house where they can meet to hook. This will prevent anyone sliding the screen door open without ripping the screen first or making a hell of a noise, thus discouraging them away. Enjoy;!

    • Sherry Sherry on Oct 19, 2019

      I can walk up to a locked screen door and be inside with 3 seconds. All it takes is a knife to cut the screen. It’s going to slice like butter. Does not even make noise.

  • Archie Archie on Apr 28, 2018

    A sliding screen door is not able to be made safe since it can simply be lifted out of the track very easily and quietly.

    I agree with the above door alarm idea but to be safe you'll have to keep it closed.

  • Archie Archie on Apr 28, 2018

    IN the above I meant to keep the door closed, not the screen.