How do I get rid of ants in flower beds that is safe for my pets?


Ants are destroying my flower beds. Even in winter I can see their working and destroying the flowers and soil. We have pets so ant killer is not an option.

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  • Kate Kate on Dec 26, 2018

    Are you sure it is ants? Normally they and worms are good for the soil, loosening it up and allowing roots to grab into the soil. they help plants like peonies actually open up their buds. According to another post, they don't like citrus/vinegar. Maybe soak some rag or paper towel strips in a vinegar/orange peel solution and lay on the ground where you are finding them? Pets should not be hurt or bothered by them.

    • Enolac Enolac on Dec 26, 2018

      It is ants they have killed the flowers at the root. Wish is was earthworms I do know the difference

  • Janice Janice on Dec 26, 2018

    Try sprinkling corn meal in the flowerbeds. You can even mix it with a tiny bit of sugar so they eat it.

  • Pamela Pamela on Dec 26, 2018

    Try diatomeaceous's all natural , safe around kids and pets, they even suggest putting some in your pets food to prevent fleas ! It has tons of helpful used including getting rid of ants !

    • Enolac Enolac on Dec 26, 2018

      Yes we tried this last Summer and they just would move. We tried both ways dry and diluted but no luck.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 26, 2018

    I use the packaged sweetened cornmeal bread/muffin mix to kill ants in my yard where they are killing the grass with their hills. I spread it heavily on top and around where they live. It will all disappear into the nest and everyone will eat it because of the sweetening in it. They can't digest the cornmeal and it will cause them to die. It may take more than one application, especially if the colony is larger than it looks. I have never had to apply it more than three times. If you don't know where their nest is, put it along the path that they use to travel here and there. It may take a little longer that way. The other way is to follow their path back to where the nest is. If it is larger ants, the mounds or opening they use for the nest should be covered heavily, it takes longer to get them, I suppose because they are larger. I took care of some for a neighbor while we were watching her house while on vacation and it took me three heavy coverings to not have activity in that mound. Sweetened cornmeal is human, pet and other critter friendly and will only harm insects that are like ants. I use the empty cayenne pepper shakers that I use to keep away rabbits chipmunks and squirrels to put down the cornmeal, it holds maybe two or three of the envelopes that you can get at Walmart, or anywhere, just make sure it says sweetened on it. I hope this helps you Enolac!

  • Enolac Enolac on Dec 26, 2018

    I will try this! I did not know that ants continued to burro and work in the winter.