After applying vinegar weed killer can it get wet?

When using vinegar Epsom salt seed killer can it get rained on?
  4 answers
  • Deanna Deanna on Jun 21, 2015
    I would imagine you'd have to reapply it
  • Ann Ann on Jun 21, 2015
    Yes. It will get rained on and diluted so you will have to reapply sometimes several times to totally kill the weeds. Remember it kills everything you spray it on.
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jun 22, 2015
    If it rains the next day, it will probably make it less effective.
  • Kay Kay on Jun 25, 2015
    We have applied this before and a few hours later it rained. It still worked. There are dogs and children in our household so we wanted something that would not harm them. Have used this on all the weeds in our driveway and sidewalks. They die within a few days of applying it. I wait for a dry sunny day to apply it. But if it rains it will still work.