Getting rid of large ant mounds

Several large ant mounds in landscape area and yard in general - ants bite and mounds are unsightly. Used an ant spray but they just moved to a new area. Hoping winter will freeze them, but in central NC, probably not.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 27, 2017
    Try food grade diatomaceous earth

  • Liz Liz on Dec 27, 2017
    What type of ants are they?

  • Sharon Efird Sharon Efird on Dec 27, 2017
    Very small red ants.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 27, 2017
    We get the little red biting ants here in Phoenix... we started using the AMDRO fire ant crystals... you put a small pile (about 1 tbsp) near the entry hole and they take it to the queen... ants are gone till another group moves in.... you probably will not be able to to anything until they are back out and about again in the spring....and be sure to keep it away from the kids and the pets.

  • Sharon Efird Sharon Efird on Dec 27, 2017
    Thank you. Haven't had this problem at any previous homes. We moved into this new home in spring 2016 and ants showed up summer of 2017. Don't have young kids but do have pets, so will be aware if we use the AMDRO crystals. Thanks.

  • Medusasgarden Medusasgarden on Dec 28, 2017
    A mixture of Borax ,Sugar and water. Dip large cotton balls or cotton swabs in the mixture and place on top of each hill. Sugar/peanut butter will attract the ants and the poison gets carried to the queen. Same with Borax and peanut butter. Takes about 2 week. Another, method is corn meal. Sprinkle everywhere on the hill and at least 20" out from the hill. The ants cannot "digest" corn meal and die.