How can I stop wild grass growing in my flower beds?

Every winter, wild grass grows in my flower beds. I have laid bark, and mulch to deter the growth.

It doesn't seem to help. Need a easy fix!

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  • Ken LaVonne Ken LaVonne on Feb 01, 2019

    Remove any reusable layers of top dressing and cover ground wih several layers of newspaper. This will hold down the weeds and the paper is biodegradable. We did this in a large landscape...worked well, lasted about 2 yrs. Cheap if you can get them for free....ask people to save them for you, or go to your local newspaper office and ask if they have leftover copies you could have? You may have to pay a little for them or they may be free. Good luck!

    • Anita L. Allee Anita L. Allee on Feb 02, 2019

      Scrap off top soil or mulch, then work in Preen, pre-emergent weed killer. It should not hurt most flowering plants that one plants later. Read the label to see what can be planted safely after using the Preen.