How do I get rid of moths in my shower?

by Njeri
My shower stall is small & has lately been inundated with moths. I believe they're breeding in there somewhere cos there are baby moths that then how into adult moths. Mostly creaming or dark greyish in colour.
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  • Phil a Phil a on Sep 23, 2016
    These are very common and if they are VERY tiny, they are not actually moths but drain flies, also known as sewer flies. Here's a Google search of the term. Check this out and it should help you find a solution. Phil
  • Lori Horton Sikora Lori Horton Sikora on Sep 23, 2016
    Fly swatter
  • Lau8066425 Lau8066425 on Sep 24, 2016
    Clean the drain. Pull out all the hair balls and then pour bleach into it. The flies breed in the warm moist hair that is in the drain. Until the hair is gone you won't be able to get rid of them. I speak from experience.
  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Sep 24, 2016
    oh my God sounds disgusting... I have never heard of that before. We have a product in New Zealand called Draino - it unblocks drains so it must be very toxic. I would try that or bleach as suggested already by another person.
  • Katia Pimentel Katia Pimentel on Sep 25, 2016
    If your stall has glass or plastic doors that slide on floor rails, the eggs and larvae are probably living in those rails. If your stall has a shower curtain, the breeding grounds are probably inside the drain. Either way, bleach will certainly do the trick, as it kills basically anything. If you prefer not to use bleach, lots of salt and vinegar can help, too.
  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Sep 26, 2016
    Sounds like it is time to get the water blaster out.....