How do I get rid of gnats? I get them in my guest bathroom!

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 28, 2017

  • Kathy Whitley Kathy Whitley on Mar 31, 2017
    I put Apple Cider Vinegar in a jar. I wrapped a piece of a piece of cling wrap over the jar and push it down to NEAR the top of the vinegar. Make a SMALL hole in the center of the cling wrap. The gnats will go in and not be able to come back out. It works very well for me.

  • Renee Rich Renee Rich on Mar 31, 2017
    Thank you I will try this

  • Stillyoung Stillyoung on Mar 31, 2017
    At times, gnats seem to be attracted to the drain hole in sinks. Could be the over flow hole if there is one, so you might have to clean it out by pouring bleach in it or vinegar might work too and is not toxic to breathe. This may get rid of some gunk or smell that can attract them. I don't think there are long, thin brushes that can fit down in there. I had that problem with fruit in my kitchen too so had to make sure they were not too ripe or put them in the refrigerator.

    • Dee Dee on Apr 10, 2022

      gnats and fruit flies in you have plants that get infested used a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water 50 /50 it kills the gnat eggs the apple cider vinager work for the gnats flying around put a small glass of that next to the plant can add a little dish soap too

  • Lynn Lynn on Apr 10, 2022

    I used Irish spring soap, I grated it and put on foil or anything and they disappeared!