Asked on Jun 10, 2017

How does one safely keep frogs from congregating at my garage door?

Jeff Robins
by Jeff Robins
Only seems to happen at night. Pull up driveway only to see large frogs at the door. Have to get out of car to 'shoo' them away before opening garage door. DO NOT want to use the 'anti-freeze' method.
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  • Mim16703643 Mim16703643 on Jun 10, 2017
    My first thought was they are gathering under an outdoor light source. Insects are attracted to the light and the frogs are there for the all night buffet. Maybe leave a light on away from the garage door. Also a motion activated light might solve the problem.

  • Nancy Nancy on Jun 10, 2017
    I would love to have frogs to eat insects around yard. Are you near pond or water area?

  • Lynda Farias Lynda Farias on Jun 10, 2017
    they're GREAT for pest control in the garden!!!

  • Jeff Robins Jeff Robins on Jun 10, 2017
    Thanks all. Will just live with them.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Jun 10, 2017
    I have to agree with Mimist, the frogs are there for a reason, probably food. Entice them away with a light that will attract insects and other small critters they eat. You could even try solar lights on a stake and move it around to find the best spot.

  • We28518635 We28518635 on Jun 10, 2017
    I agree with Mimist; Frogs love to eat insects;
    I would certainly put the light maybe to the side of the
    garage door to lure the insects away from the front or
    maybe use one of those yellow bug lights that deter bugs.
    You could also put some kind of bug repellent on the
    ground in front of the garage door. Maybe vinegar???

  • Liz Liz on Jun 10, 2017
    Jeff, it's a pain having to get out of your car to shoo them away! You could always try spraying Pine Sol at the base of your garage door and out for about a foot. Almost every creature hates Pine Sol, even black bears! Good luck!

  • Joye R. Foster Joye R. Foster on Jun 10, 2017
    Do you have a light near where you see frogs? Frogs go to eat the bugs that are attracted to light.