How do I keep those little lizards from congregating at my doorway?

April Adcock
by April Adcock
I recently moved into a brick ranch home (rental) that has a large brick wall on the side of the home with three steps. We use this as our main entrance, it gets the afternoon sun so this may be why all these little lizards hang out on the wall. I also leave for work at 430am and was told the light I turn on(so I don't fall!) attracts them because they are looking for bugs. The other day I opened the door and one had gotten trapped between the main door and the screen door, black and silver, about 4 inches long!! I was okay until I thought they may actually come inside! I just cringe every time I go in and out because I can see at least one slithering along the wall out of the corner of my eye!! Is there something I can spray, scatter, etc to keep them away from the doorway? I know they aren't going to hurt me and I know they eat bugs, but I'd like to keep them in the yard or at least out of sight!!!
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  • Perhaps changing the environment that surrounds the door area will help drive them away. They look for protection during the daylight hours so overgrown shrubs and large rock type displays give them that needed protection. To move them away, try to create a new special place for them, Create a garden of sorts that has large stones and rocks that will retain heat from daytime sun, then place solar lights around the garden area that will light it up so bugs will be attracted to it. The combination of the two should direct them away from the house.
  • Cheryl Porter Cheryl Porter on Aug 24, 2014
    Down in here in Texas, those little lizards are considered "good luck" critters. Yes, they do eat any bugs that might be around, and they don't hurt anything or do any damage. If we happen to find one in our house, we smile and think Good Luck, yay! Then we catch it if we can and put it back outside. They are fast, so catching them is not always possible, but is always worth the try : ) It's all in the's a cute little guy, it's not an icky bug, and they won't hurt you.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Aug 24, 2014
    I hear you. But they are working for you. I don't get lizzards, but I get spiders in the house. I leave them to do their work eating tiny whatevers that I don't want.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Aug 24, 2014
    Lizzards scare me to death! I mean I actually have heart I could not tolerate them near the door or inside! But in some parts of the country, they are everywhere.
  • Candie Firebaugh Candie Firebaugh on Aug 24, 2014
    First, don't move to Florida! We have gobs of them. But they really do help by eating insects and spiders. And they don't last long once they get inside so I chase them down, pick them up and put them outside. You could get a cat.
  • Carole Carole on Aug 24, 2014
    We get lizards from skinks that are only about 4 or 5 inches long, to blue tongue lizards which are considerably larger. They sunbake on rocks or on the tarmac road. Unfortunately sunbaking on the tarmac road is often the death of them as they get run over. We have found several dead ones on the road and one time my husband picked one up and moved it off the tarmac road to the side to prevent it getting run over by a car. We also have had them in the back yard. If we see them we move them to a safe spot in case the dog takes an interest in them and harms them. I must say I prefer them to the snakes we get!
  • Verne Verne on Aug 24, 2014
    I have them around the barn and house, just like everyone says they eat all the bugs so I let them do their job having breakfast, Lunch, and dinner and I don't pick up the tab. When I need some fishing bait guess what?
  • Delyse Tomaselli Delyse Tomaselli on May 09, 2015
    I lived in Malawi for a number of years and we shared our home with many lizards. They are harmless and were welcome. Sadly in this part of the world I have only occasionally come across one or two. I relish it when we do as it is an opportunity to share the wonder of yet another species with my grandchildren. My suggestion is, don't try to get rid of them look at them as a bonus from our interesting natural world. Gently pick them up and place them in your garden. Do no harm.