How to fix a back yard that floods?


In rains, we get 8-10" of water that rises in the fenced old swimming pool was filled in years ago, and seems to be where water stands most. What do you recommend?

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  • You have options. Regrade the yard to slope away from any structures. Install a drain system. Plant trees that will absorb at least some of the water.

  • Ginger Ginger on Mar 11, 2019

    We had a really bad drainage problem when we first moved here Water came from every ones property. First we dug a 3 foot drainage in one side f the yard (from one end to the other. At the end we had gotten a bulldozer in to dig a pit and we filled with with trap rock (20 x 30 and 12 foot deep) . WE then had gotten in a contractor and duf into my neighbor (two of them) connecting a 3 way water pipe from our house to both of theirs through all the way to the trap rock. Finally dried us out. Thank God. For I hope you can understand this mess. Good Luck!

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    • Ginger Ginger on Mar 13, 2019

      Phala, You must get in touch with your planning board for your town. If they come out and see how the flooding is you may be able to get it fixed (on your own), where as your neighbors can not change the swale on yours and their property ever. That is what we had to do. But every time someone new moved in we had to go over to tell them, so the could not plant where the pipes run to upset the swale . I know it sounds crazy but we did it. If you hire a good contractor they will get the equipment in for you. We did the big pit and the entire side side our self. But using a contractor to make sure the water went the proper way was so much better. This was going back 20 years ago and we were charged $2,000.00. Probably a lot more now. But ours had to cut across my neighbors driveway to her pond, so it was a lot of footage from one neighbor to the next. I am sure if you to your town you may get some help. But I will tell you this. My children had a ball ice skating all around our house every winter time, I even joined in with them. New Years Eve we always had a party and most of them brought their skates it it iced over.

  • Oliva Oliva on Mar 11, 2019

    If the ground is compacted, dig down at least 18" adding sphagnum peat moss, well composted cow manure, sand, and lime. Add perlite to increase drainage.

    Change the ground slope via swales or french drains, noting the slope of drain and drainage pipe should be at leat 3-4% minimum, given your situation.

    • Phala Wright Phala Wright on Mar 12, 2019

      Thank you...your solution is something we can approach because yard will have to be tilled. Swales and a French drain are good ideas. Also, when trees and bushes are added to yard, their roots will prove, if the rain will stop for awhile, we can get past the mud lumps 😜

  • Ginger Ginger on Mar 13, 2019

    No matter how many trees we had they all dies from water rot. With the exception of one but it had to come out because of the roots going into the pipes.