How to get rid of fleas on my backyard deck

What can i use to get rid of fleas on my backyard, i have a wood floor deck and i think thats were fleas are hiding. I have a dog that stays outside. I give him his flea medication, i wash him with flea shampoo and he still has fleas...i need help. Dog comes inside my house too, and im sure i have fleas inside my house too.

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  • I use vinegar. Spray the perimeter of the property and the base of your house, but only in the dirt and not on any plants or on the paint. Depending on where you live you may need more than that and should discuss with your vet. Needs to be handled as dogs can get very ill if not treated. You might even need an organic pest control, it just depends. I have 3 dogs, 6 indoor/outdoor cats, 3 neighbor dogs, a canary and a dragon. None have fleas and the cats and dogs all sleep with me.

  • Jamie Boyce Jamie Boyce on Jan 11, 2018
    I used to use Comfortis Brown for my dogs (oral flea treatment). Then I would spray the yard with malathion, or similar flea spray, while the dogs were in the house. Once you get the problem under control, the oral flea meds keep it in check, (so much so that I never had to give my indoor only cats any flea treatment so long as my dog got his regular dose of Comfortis. Great stuff.)

  • NCbulldoglover NCbulldoglover on Jan 11, 2018
    Use Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade - sprinkle it on the deck as well as your dog. My son bought a house and found it had a flea infestation when he moved in. He used this several times and vacuumed really well and the fleas are gone. Of course on the deck no need to vacuum. You can use it safely in the grass also, all around the deck area. Won't hurt the dog at all. Careful when applying to the dog as it is dusty and don't want dog to breath a lot of dust into his lungs.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 11, 2018
    Most of the time the fleas are in the grass outside and come in on your feet and paws unless he's been rolling around. If you water the grass every morning before you go out it will kill flea eggs and keep population in check.
    You can spray your yard periodically to keep down the bugs.... I like Greener Ways non-toxic products and they have a yard size with hose attachment. If they are really bad you can spray the dog before letting back in or on way out.
    They hate eucalyptus, so we used to put the leaves around the rugs inside. Just don't us eucalyptus on cats, toxi to them.
    Make sure your dog has a cedar chip filled bed to lay on. If the rugs and furniture are a problem, the vet told me to put 20 Mule Team Laundry Borax on the rugs and furniture for 3 hours and then vacuum up. I put it in a glass jar and poke tons of holes in the lid, and shake on everything. It won't hurt the dog, cat or you to walk on it, or sit on it. If dog sits on couch put a towel down and shake out daily, launder weekly.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jan 12, 2018
    Flea shampoo only lasts while you are washing the dog. You need something that will kill fleas over time. Either a flea collar or a OTC spot medication. Flea eradication takes time as you have eggs to contend with. Either spray or get insect granules for the yard. Use food grade Diatomaceous earth inside the house. Vacuum daily.

  • Raven Raven on Jun 08, 2019

    I recently moved to SC and I’ve had an incredible outside flea infestation. This is what we did to get situation under control. I live in a highly trafficked wildlife area close to a marsh so we’ve been battling for over a month.

    I used every natural and organic product known to man and In the beginning it didn’t help at all.


    We used a three system approach.

    First- diatomaceous earth FOOD grade all over the ground. That will help. Can also be used in wildlife water bowls to help them rid themselves of fleas. And dog bowls- but please check to see proper application. We did this step twice.

    Then we had Orkin spray but that wasn’t very effective since they didn’t really tackle problematic area. We found fleas under my deck where raccoons had been living. Spraying also unfortunately kills a lot of insects that are not problematic. They used both granules and spray.... expensive. But Orkin will return and spray until your warranty is up.

    Now we are in the process of spreading nematodes that will also help but that takes a couple weeks. (All of these things I purchased on Amazon.)

    Dr. Bronner’s eucalyptus soap diluted in a spray bottle is used to coat dog and our legs when leaving and coming back into house. This is very helpful in house and car.

    We also filled bowls of water with DAWN soap because they will jump in and can’t get out. Fleas are also attracted to white so we laid white sheets on our furniture to see if they jump off dog. The outside was so bad my dog is on both nexgard (internal) and frontline (external). Washing the dog in a dawn soap bath is just as helpful as a flea dip and a lot less toxic for dog. This only works during the bath though.

    Removing our rugs and washing towels, bath mats, clothes in hot water and dried for at least five minutes in HIGH heat also will kill fleas.

    I can say that Orkin sprayed inside and that helped tremendously. With that and the dog treatments, we have no issues inside. (We also threw out dog bed, rugs, towels and some clothes to get it under control.) I also have had to steam clean and vacuum on a daily basis to make sure inside stays flea free.

    This problem has been expensive and mentally and physically exhausting. I hope this helps, good luck and DONT GIVE UP.