How to kill weeds naturally ?

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  • Chaz Chaz on Sep 07, 2018

    Depending on what weeds you are talking about I have done this on small weeds & grass growing in places like sidewalk along curbs and that creeping charlie vines they have dried them up in no time. Must spray in the morning then the the sun and heat will dry them.

    So get a spray bottle put 1/4 cup of salt then 1 good squirt Dawn dish soap or other brand Dawn works better you decide? then fill with vinegar give the salt time to dissolve so you do not clog sprayer tube up. It works for me. Or you can also pour baking soda on weeds then moisten them.I have not tried this yet but I have been happy with the vinegar mix.

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    • Jan Herring Jan Herring on Sep 07, 2018

      Thanks! I just hate to use Roundup,

  • Kathryn Kathryn on Sep 07, 2018

    Vinegar. Spray it on. salt. Boiling water. When using these methods, care must be taken to not kill surrounding grass or plants.

  • Chaz Chaz on Sep 08, 2018

    If your going to pull weeds out do it after a good soaking rain but weeds in cracks like in sidewalks you will never get all roots and they will regrow. They state that you spray the leaves on a dry hot day and they will assorb down to the roots and kill them hopefully weeds are a ongoing problem?