What kills grass and weeds permanently?

by Martha

What kills grass and weeds permanently? I have grass and weeds that just keep coming back between the pavers and it is a big job to constantly pull them out. There has to be a better way! Can someone tell me how to kill grass and weeds? What has worked well for you?

Of course, I need a method that will not affect my lawn negatively. What is the best way to kill weeds?

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  • It doesn't kill the weeds, but it blocks them from growing: isometric sand. We have a brick patio and walkway. My husband uses a 5 in 1 tool to dig out the weeds and dirt. Then you pour on isometric sand and push it into the cracks with a broom. (Push it all in with none left on top of the bricks - trust me.) Then spray water. It creates a barrier similar to concrete between the cracks that doesn't allow weeds to grow.

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    • Martha Martha on Dec 03, 2018

      Thanks so much Olivia. This method is starting to sound complicated. I don't have a vibrating compactor. Where can I get one? From your description, it sounds like this is also not fool-proof ("if sand starts to settle (which it will, over time), you'll need to at least remove weeds").

      I guess I could got he Roundup route, but I am hesitant to use chemicals. Is Roundup safe?

  • Karla Karla on Dec 02, 2018


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    • Karla Karla on Dec 03, 2018

      It may not kill them permanently but all the grass and weeds turn brown in a few days and you can pull them out. I’ts something you may be able to stay ahead of and it’s safe for children and pets.

  • Dmholt4391 Dmholt4391 on Dec 02, 2018

    You can pour any vinegar on the lines of your patio to kill the weeds and grass. You may need to do it more than once but it well work.

  • Kenny Kenny on Dec 02, 2018

    Go here. look for the herbicide you need.. I killed off about 100 lbs of weeds growing behind my garage that were growing through the fence into the neighbors yard.. it took about a week to work, but once the weeds are gone, you're good for about a year... I also use it to prevent weeds from growing in the stones on my driveway... Make sure to prevent overspray onto the lawn.. it'll kill that too... these are the chemicals that the professional landscapers use so make sure you wear gloves. They also have very effective pest control items! https://store.doyourownpestcontrol.com/lawn-and-garden-products/herbicides-weed-killers

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    • Kenny Kenny on Dec 03, 2018

      I've used roundup for years and it Never could compare to some of the items found here.. the treatment dries in a few hours and pets can walk on it.. just dont let them eat the weeds for a week.

  • Rymea Rymea on Dec 02, 2018


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    • Rymea Rymea on Dec 04, 2018

      Yes regular salt. Just pour it in the cracks. Nothing will grow for many years. I would never use round up. it is dangerous.

    • Martha Martha on Dec 03, 2018

      Thank you Linda for sharing that, but I had a hard time understanding exactly what I need to do to prevent the grass and weeds between my pavers. Would you mind explaining?

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 02, 2018


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    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Dec 03, 2018

      I used Round-Up 25 years professionally as landscaper/gardener that was over 20 yrs ago before it was sold on residential market you needed licensing to buy it & to use it, if you follow the safety instructions you'll be fine.What changed was when it hit the residential market people just use it especially if it's premixed. I've seen people with back pack sprayers on working at some local strip mall spraying around parking lots & it's dripped all over the outside of sprayer on their back!Use protective gloves,stay out of wet formula on ground(don't walk in it),do not use in any wind so spray lands elsewhere,only spray directly on plants needing removed(it's absorbed thru leaves down into plant into root system),if you cannot stay out of it while spraying throw out your clothes shoes especially don't transfer it to where your animals are or will lick them,when it's dry it's fine,you can add food coloring to sprayer you use so you can see it,clean out sprayer with gloves on, the more water the more diluted so rinse rinse rinse if you spill it where you do not want it. Also mix it directly on the pavers since that is where you will be trying to get rid of weeds anyway.Every pesticide,herbicide, fertilizers, even the stuff we put on our pets for fleas,mosquitos,and wormers is hazardous.

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    • Kenny Kenny on Dec 03, 2018

      You mix the salt with White vinegar... it works pretty well and your patio smells like a salad for a few days

  • I’d go with salt as it makes any area it’s applied to barren for a good while and it’s chemical-free. Just be careful not to get it anywhere you do want plants or grass.

  • Elaine Elaine on Dec 02, 2018

    Hopefully a plate compactor was used with the gravel and then the sand and then the pavers. Clean out the cracks, use either a mix of sand and Portland cement (toxic wear masks) or sandlock additive and premix (organic non toxic). Clean out the cracks of everything. If the pavers are no longer level, Lay down plywood and run the compactor over it, or use a handtamper. Fill in the voids carefully. You don’t want this adhering to the tops of pavers, stiff push broom at an angle to the pavers, wet down.

    I’ve read the StayLock is able to flex, I’ve never used it. I have used sand and cement mixed in the wheelbarrow with a hoe. It’s lasted about 15 years before I had to start spraying the cracks that have occurred around the pavers and the 8 x 8 s I used to help keep all the components together.

    Other than that, use glysophate to kill the existing weeds I use Hi Yield Kizz All which is 41% glysophate and cheaper than Round Up. You could also use some type of pre-emergent to kill future seeds from sprouting. The weeds keep coming up because the seeds from weeds keep germinating in the cracks.

    Our neighbor uses a propane tank and torch and burns the weeds on his gravel drive., He has way too much fun with it, he’s started using it in his flower beds.

    • Martha Martha on Dec 03, 2018

      Thank you Elaine for this amazing guide to how to kill grass and weeds! And thanks for the laugh about your neighbor  . You might want to keep your distance...

  • There are several here on HM:


    I just soak the area and pull the next day...I need the exercise! LOL


    This is not an exact science – approximate measures are totally fine 1 gallon white vinegar and cup Epsom salts and ¼ cup liquid dish soap Combine ingredients in spray bottle and treat weeds at the hottest time of day for best results.