Is there a home remedy for my ant hills in my yard?

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  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on May 21, 2019

    Hi Mike, sorry you are having to deal with ants. I hope this will help you get rid of them. Good luck. You can also pour boiling water over hills. Extermination

    1. Apply diatomaceous earth throughout your yard, focusing on areas of high ant concentration, and pour it in the ants' nests. ...
    2. Combine 1/2 teaspoon liquid dish soap, 1 1/2 tablespoons canola oil and 1 quart water in a mixing bowl using a whisk.

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  • Mogie Mogie on May 21, 2019

    In your garden boric acid and sugar of DE.

    Add a tablespoon of boric acid to a cup of sugar and mix them into a paste. Drop some of this paste near the ant hills, and anywhere else you see ants. The ants will take the poisoned sugar back to their queen, which will eliminate the entire colony.

    Diatomaceous earth can be safely used in food crop gardens. Sprinkle it on ant hills and around plants. This chalk-like powder will bind to the exoskeleton and spiracles of the ants, fatally dehydrating them in a couple of hours.

  • Mogie Mogie on May 21, 2019

    Sorry that should have read sugar or DE.

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on May 21, 2019

    Mike...Please leave it alone..because they will boil out when bothered and the bite is horrible. Many people say the only thing that will kill "fire ants" is gasoline but it will also kill grass. I can not remember the name of the product but we got it from Farmers Coop and it helped for a season but finally seemed to develop an immunity to it. Good luck and be careful plus make sure children stay away from them. I hope you can get some other suggestions from some of the people because they have some great ideas. I will also be watching for more replys.

  • Nora Nora on May 21, 2019

    Listen I am an avid gardener and what happened to me shocked the heck out of me. I notice an ant hill on one of my flower beds. I went in side got a bottle of vinegar opened it up and poured onto the ant hill. Within seconds and I mean seconds all the ants were climbing all over my body. I was running down the hill stripping all of my cloths off my body and was nude by the time I entered the house into the shower. I have to be honest I was scared to death. I have an acre of prperty with 6 enormus beds and I never ran into this ever before.

    One thing I did every night if I see allot of beas, I sit in a chair and watch to find out where the bees were going at night. We found a really large under ground bee hive and we were very careful to get rid of it. It was a little smaller than a basketball I was amazed. Do not go barefoot in the grass.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on May 21, 2019

    Poke a hole in the center of the mound and pour boiling water inside.