Loving out in the country, the outside bugs are finding a way to keep

My daughters newly remodeled barn into warehouse and the seal around the door does not seem right. Ticks and June bugs and other bugs seem to make their way in. This is their temporary living quarters as they found mold in their house and are remodeling. They have 3 boys and one has lyme arthritis. The boys are 5,6,& 9 years old. Also are there any plants or lights to help? They are country SE Kansans next to Oklahoma border. Thank you.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Jul 15, 2018
    lemon and citrus scented plants can help, some mint plants as well In keeping bugs away. There are electric bug zappers to be had as well. go find some foam weather stripping and apply to the doors so they are sealed up.

  • Gabrielle Falk Gabrielle Falk on Jul 15, 2018
    Make SURE that the mould in the house is totally eliminated. Before your family re-enters the home. If necessary, get professionals in to destroy the mould. Also remember, that bleach does NOT kill mould. All bleach does is 'bleach' the bacteria. And more and most importantly. Find out the reason for the mould. ie there must be some sort of moisture ingress into the house. I've read of stories, where people have had to leave their brand new house, because of the encroachment of 'black mould'. Children have died from this - ie Chicago. Saw several stories about children who had died - unknown reason. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that these homes had basements, who had water in the basement, probably several inches and more, high. The pumping system was inadequate, thus a level of water remained in these basements. The mould, from the basement/s crept up the wall, and one story I can remember, is that a little child - in a cradle, died, where the sister in the same room did not. And the reason this little baby died, was the creeping mould. Because her cradle was next to the wall where the mould was. One of my sister in laws, became so ill for years, with the 'black mould'. They had built a straw bale house, with all the insulation materials required. Unfortunately, the building instructions were incorrect, so therefore in one of their rooms, water became trapped, and a huge black mould problem ensued. She (and her husband to a lesser degree) was so ill. Lethargic, couldn't do anything, couldn't get out of bed - so unlike her. In my opinion - get bug zappers. They are the best way to deter ticks, etc.. Ticks are insidious. One niece and 2 nephews in upper state New York, have all been diagnosed with deer tick Lyme disease. Seeing the accommodation is temporary, I would suggest a good dose of some sort of tick/insect repellent when your family is going outdoors. Also, check with the local pest exterminator/s and have them come visit, and check out the living environment. Natural remedies, ie mint, are less than effective; might I say, useless, because ticks etc. are so virulent and dangerous, that I don't believe it is worth playing around with 'natural' deterrents. For the health sake of the family.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 15, 2018

    So many people are against spray, but if you just about can't live anywhere, much less the country, without doing so.

    Go online and look for sprays that are echo friendly.

    We had misquotes so bad one year that no one wanted to walk the 71 ft. to the mailbox...it was done almost in a run! And that was just about the time that West Nile Virus popped up!

    Hubs read that lemon scented Amonia and Lemon scented dish washing liquid at 50/50 mix in the yard sprayer hooked to the hose worked. THE CHEAP BRANDS WORK! Spray everything!!! The yard, plants, foundation, under bushes, the underside of bushes, up on roof so it drains down the gutters...EVERYTHING.

    When you stop seeing bubbles, refill the hose sprayer. Spray about once a week for 3 weeks, then every other week for a while and then about once a month. You will be so glad you did!!!

    Also, it does not hurt to lime you yard if you have pets out there. It keeps down the fleas and yellow spots from urine! Also decomposed poop faster!