Neighbor's ivy and roses of sharon are now in my yard!

by Azm31338295
how can I get rid of this permanently, it keeps coming back.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 22, 2018

    you will have no choice but to use Ground clear

  • Mogie Mogie on May 22, 2018

    Ivy generally needs to be pulled up. The leaves have a waxy coating that repels most spray. Rose of Sharon may take several seasons worth of yanking and digging, but eventually you'll win! Try removing them by digging down as far as you can and cutting them out.

    Also mowing both is recommended. Put your mower on the lowest setting possible and do this repeatedly.

  • Lau31677856 Lau31677856 on May 23, 2018

    Sadly, pulling ivy out is the only way I've found, and I've removed a LOT of ivy over the years. I use hand pruners to cut it into sections, and a small spade or edger to create the edge or boundary. Then throw it away! If you want some of it, you can line the edge with rocks or bricks, as ivy is a very nice ground cover. You have to get the roots up and they root along the whole length of the piece of ivy. With Rose of Sharon I've dug up bigger plants and just pulled smaller ones. You probably won't hurt your neighbor's plant by doing that. Get them when they are small.

  • Linda Kay Biela Linda Kay Biela on May 23, 2018

    I would also like to know this answer. Husband remove one parent plant as the neighbors wanted it gone also. Cut it all back drilled holes in the top and filled them with vinigar and salt it did die. I do agree pulling Ivy and getting rid of what you pull right then anywhere it lays on your yard it will begin growing again. It seems to be an every year task with Ivy. Lily of the Valley is also everywhere but I really don't mind them. Now tell me how to keep the squirrels from pulling out all my flowers from their pots.

    • Cheryl Cheryl on May 28, 2018

      Coffee grounds have worked well, for me. It keeps way squirrels and cats.

  • Darlene Darlene on May 23, 2018

    This answer is about your Rose of Sharon. Mine are about 50 years old. I've learned over the years that if you don't pick the seed pods off in the fall, they will drop off & new plant's will grow in the grass. Mowing & weed killer won't destroy them. I spent one season on my hand's & knees PICKING them out! NOW, my fall clean up consist of reshaping & removing the seeds. I like to keep mine no bigger than 5 ft.

  • Susan Swasey Susan Swasey on May 23, 2018

    I agree totally with Darkgreen. Rose of Sharon reseed anywhere. as far as the Ivy is concerned they are very deep and runners that connect to the next Ivy. If you dig deep another you will see little that have attached to the Ivy. I think it's doing a big job to get of it and real pain to get rid of. sorry to give you the big news.

  • Jerry Jerry on May 23, 2018

    Run your lawn mower over it at a high setting, just enough to cut the leaves off and expose the cut stems. Spray with Roundup, it is a systemic which will be taken down into the cut stems down to the roots, which it will kill. Use a strong solution.