Neighborhood Cats in flower beds

We smell that some neighborhood Cat(s) are using our flower beds near our front door as their litter box. I read up on using things like citrus, or red pepper, anyone try anything that works to keep them away?

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  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 08, 2018
    What I have in my flower beds is that stuff called Lava Rocks. It's quite pretty, but rough on kitty feet. They don't like digging in it because it hurts. It's not expensive at all and comes in nice colours. Also, the plants under the bedroom windows have lava rocks, and if anyone, or anything, walks there, I can hear them. Sort of a little security thing. In the summer, the windows are open so I can hear. In the winter, when the windows are shut, that cat and dog can hear and will let me know that something is amis:)

  • 16999903 16999903 on Jun 08, 2018
    I agree on keeping the ground moist. You might want to bury a soaker hose about an inch under the dirt and set it on a time to come on before the sun rises. You'll have to play with the frequency of watering so you don't keep it too wet. There are also herbs that kitties don't like that can be planted in those areas. Your local nursery should be able to help with that.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jun 08, 2018
    Put a box of moth balls out in the garden and they will avoid it. Eventually they will give up. You may need to keep the moth balls there through the entire first summer. Cats are territorial and are bidding for your garden for themselves.

    • Caroline O'Hare Caroline O'Hare on Jun 09, 2018
      Moth balls are toxic and can be harmful to children and pets. It's not recommended you use them particularly as the rain will wash the contents into water systems

  • Joyce Holden Joyce Holden on Jun 09, 2018
    I agree that the moth balls deter the cats and you do need to replace them every 3-4 weeks. An additional thing to do is to scrape away some of the mulch and cut pieces of chicken wire to fit the flower bed, then put a very thin layer of the mulch back in place to cover the wire. Cats and squirrels can't dig through the wire.

  • Gloria Gloria on Jun 09, 2018
    I find that plastic forks stuck in the ground-handle first-seems to work. Good luck!

  • Jokarva Jokarva on Jun 09, 2018
    I bury chicken wire under the mulch in my beds too, it works. Has to be good sized pieces though, small pieces will just get dragged out of the beds.

  • Ellis Ellis on Jun 09, 2018
    Cats hate citrus. You might try putting some lemon, lime or orange peels in the place they're using. There are also a number of commercial products you can buy at Amazon, nurseries or big box stores. They're usually granules you sprinkle where you want to keep cats away from, but you'll have to re-apply after a heavy rain.

  • Thelma Thelma on Jun 11, 2018
    After I work up a new bed for flowers, I put down a layer of chicken wire over the entire bed, then cut holes in the chicken wire only where I plant new plants, then sprinkle cayenne pepper all around the out edges of the bed. This keeps the cats, squirrels, etc., out of the beds from the very beginning as they learn fast to avoid the 'burning' areas. Doesn't really hurt them, just trains them to stay away. Also use cayenne pepper around my garden fences, keeps all the deer, rabbits, & other critters from even trying to get into the gardens for their 'breakfast salads'.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jun 11, 2018
    That is not true. Moth balls evaporate, they do not go into the water systems. If animals can come into the yard unwanted, they will leave voluntarily. Children in the home, if any, should be watched yes, not to put them in their mouth like anything outside. If someone puts them down, they know to watch them. I have friends with kids and pets and they use them all the time, no problem. I would never recommend something dangerous.

  • Carol Adams Carol Adams on Sep 25, 2018

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