Puppy doggy holes in lawn. Please help!!!!!


I need help with my 1yr old European Golden retriever who keeps digging holes all over my back yard. He so cute after he digs he collects his balls and puts them in the hole. It’s really funny but I’m going to accidentally trip in one of these holes and hurt myself. Not sure what to do. I’ve tried filling and placing chicken wire with stakes over a couple but then he goes after the stakes that I’ve hammered into the ground. Please help!!!!!

q puppy doggy holes in lawn
q puppy doggy holes in lawn
q puppy doggy holes in lawn
q puppy doggy holes in lawn
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  • Gk Gk on Jul 15, 2018
    Golden retrievers are so good at digging holes and hiding things! Especially when they are still in the puppy stage--you have at least another year of mischief to deal with!! I had one who liked to steal things like sunglasses, mittens, socks, keys, and even his own shock collar to bury! He also thought that if he dug giant holes at the end of the rain gutter runs he would be able to get at the chipmunks hiding inside. I would say don't leave the balls laying around the yard for him to bury. Play ball with him and then put the balls away. My golden would go crazy when I took the balls out of the closet to play! Fill in the holes with fresh dirt and keep telling him no when he's standing there watching you! Be outside with him and don't leave him on his own in the yard for very long--he will find other things to bury! I would say to give him a rawhide chew when he's outside but I know he would bury that too!! We went for a lot of walks to expend energy! Enjoy your golden--they are such wonderful dogs, very funny, smart,easy to train, loving, and loyal--even if they do dig holes in your yard! I lost mine to old age-14 years. I miss that boy every day!

  • Lana Hassell Lana Hassell on Jul 15, 2018

    Dogs are so smart, aren't they? Your dog has got you trained just like he likes it. You let him dog holes and let him know at first that he was so cute. Now, you are going to have to retrain him to NOT dog holes and it is NOT cute. We had good luck with our dogs' training using a squirt water bottle and a firm voice saying "NO" when they needed correcting. I think if you would only let your dog have the balls when someone is outside with him, that might help a lot. Good luck

  • Cute dog! Now it is time to do your job! Train train train! Here are some tips.




    6+ dogs in my yard and no diggers. You can do this, just do not give him balls unless you are together to play ball. Try another toy and see if he takes to that and / or tries to bury it.

  • Magnolia Mama Magnolia Mama on Jul 15, 2018

    If you take his treasure out of the hole and replace it with his feces digging loses its appeal rather quickly!