Something is eating all the leaves off my tomato plants! Help!

  3 answers
  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jul 16, 2018

    best to try our NEEM OIL. I use a mixture of 1 OZ per gallon in a sprayer and it knocks out all teh bugs I too have. Look closely and see if these are "stink bugs". that is what is visiting our tomatoes.

  • Betty Betty on Jul 16, 2018

    Check under the leaves for a tomatoes work .they are green and sometimes hard to see . We use a pair plairs or tweezers . Sorry the work should be worm .

  • Michele Hodge Michele Hodge on Jul 17, 2018

    Plant Marigolds in your garden, I've never had a bug problem. They don't like the smell. I scatter them through the garden, next to the plants.