What is the best way to keep grass and weeds out of your flower beds

Without a border

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  • Jacques Jacques on Sep 09, 2017
    Weed fabric. There is also a product called Preen

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Sep 09, 2017
    Mulch, mulch and more mulch - at least 3 inches deep. When you find a weed, dig it out so the roots come out. Many weeds regrow from the roots.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 09, 2017
    heavy landscape fabric ,top with two layers of mulch

  • Kar28903899 Kar28903899 on Sep 09, 2017
    You can put down a barrier of cardboard, the kind without glossy paper on it or fold 10 sheets of newspaper fitting it between plants then cover it with a layer of natural mulch such as "No Float". Over time the barrier will decompose but it enhances the quality of the underlying soil. Repeat as needed.

  • Peg Peg on Sep 09, 2017
    mulching with grass clippings or other things that can be purchased at your local store.

  • Dl.5660408 Dl.5660408 on Sep 09, 2017
    The only thing that I would add to the above advice is to make sure the area is as weed free as possible before planting. It might mean pulling weeds, watering and pulling weeds again. I use a combo of cardboard, newspaper and mulch. I haven't found the commercial weed cloth to work very well as there are weeds that can still manage to grow through it and it doesn't enrich the soil like the other materials do