What will keep the deer from eating my hosta?

q what will keep the deer from eating my hosta
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  • Ken Ken on Nov 08, 2017
    I've tried several kinds of deer repellent and most are marginally effective and subject to you spraying right after each and every rain. A product called "Deer-Out" leaves a minty scent and sticks to the leaves through the rain. You only need to reapply to protect new growth. Ain't cheap but the $30+ bottle of concentrate mixes with water and makes a lot of spray. Used it this year on my green peppers and for the first time in the six seasons I've made a garden here I had more green peppers than I knew what to do with. Deer didn't touch them until late in the season when I hadn't sprayed for a month or more

  • Pg Pg on Nov 08, 2017
    I have also heard of a sound machine that repels deer, but these other ideas may work better for you. There are also additional suggestions below the article. https://www.hostasdirect.com/blog/keep-deer-away-from-hostas/

  • Frakey Frakey on Nov 08, 2017
    Basically nothing. I have had some luck with deer netting, a plastic net that I stretch out to cover the plant with some sort of stake (I use tomato stakes) to keep the net well above the plant. The net becomes invisible at a distance. Also comes in a black or silver color.

  • Chubby58 Chubby58 on Nov 08, 2017
    I had rabbits eating mine. They could devour a whole plant in no time. I grated up some Irish spring soap and sprinkled around the hostas. They haven't been back. You will have to replenish after a hard rain. Also, human hair sprinkled on the hosta might work as well.

  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 08, 2017
    Blood Meal. get it at the garden center. also acts as a fertile for the plants. the deer smell the blood and think of danger and stay away for a few months. very little odor to our nose...

  • Rrdjag Rrdjag on Nov 08, 2017
    I bought several yards of inexpensive, light green nylon net from JoAnn Fabrics and staked it over my giant hostas. After awhile, I was able to take it off and the deer never ate them again. They got discouraged, I guess.

  • Sandra Sandra on Nov 08, 2017
    We have used Liquid Fence with success.

  • Pat Ruge Pat Ruge on Nov 09, 2017
    I've heard that Irish Spring soap is a deterrent for deer - shred and spread about your plants. Also, I've heard the scent of human is a deterrent - sweaty man shirt or a pair of old shoes. With no experience whatsoever, if it were me, I would first try either of these. If rain, replace and repeat. Let us know if you win the battle and how!

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Nov 09, 2017
    Liquid Fence works for me and I never spray it as often as they say. Now it does not work for rabbits for me but does for the deer.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jun 14, 2021

    Hi Patricia, here's a really great article that has all kinds of useful tips on keeping deer away - https://www.tipsbulletin.com/homemade-deer-repellent/. Best of luck

  • Tumonfrosted Tumonfrosted on Aug 05, 2021

    one stocking with runs add human hair from Barbara shop or salon. insert hair, knot & stake near or in plant.