Whats best way to keep free ranging chickens out of garden flowers?

We really dont want to fence or gate amything in. I feel bad penning up the hens but they head straight to my flowers and veggie garden to scratch even though we have acres of grassland. So far we've opted to let them roam in the late afternoon and watch them before penning them in evening. Id like to be able to not worry about letting them roam. Any suggestions?

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  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Jun 10, 2018
    Rather than thinking of putting up a wire fence penning your chickens, rethink it as a penning your garden which is not free-range.
    If you are feeling bad about penning them, realize it is a way of protecting them against predators. That is in their best interest. They are not able to defend themselves so you have to do it for them. Fortunately you have the ability to do this and be handsomely rewarded with their eggs.
    The only other thing I can think of is get a well trained dog, like a guard dog for sheep, to herd them back when it is time and protect them when in the fields.

  • Sarah Barganier Sarah Barganier on Jun 10, 2018
    Are they destroying or damaging the gardens? I would think that they are riding them of unwanted bugs.

  • Ajhoover2010 Ajhoover2010 on Jun 10, 2018
    Shoshana, very interesting read. Seems like im not the only one dealing with this problem of naughty chickens. Lol. Chicken tractors... might be a good idea, now to convince my husband.😉 Thanks!

  • Patti Patti on Jun 10, 2018
    Good mornin! Since your garden doesn’t roam around, put it in a pen! It won’t be mad at you because it doesn’t care! You, your chickens and your garden will all be happy!! Sounds like a lovely place to be! 👍🏻