When you want to kill weeds in garden what type of vinegar do you use?

What brand of vinegar is good to use when you want to kill weeds ? I have some apple cider vinegar and want to make a mix with the Dawn solution. What about white vinegar?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jul 07, 2017
    Either one will work but as a caution it will kill your plants to.

  • Brenda Brandt Deason Brenda Brandt Deason on Jul 07, 2017
    They all work. Get the cheapest kind.

  • Elaine Elaine on Jul 07, 2017
    I only use straight "Pickling Vinegar" - it's cheap and stronger than regular vinegar and easily found at the grocery store. I don't use Dawn or any other ingredient as the Vinegar does the job all on its own. I keep a dollar-store plant mister filled and once a week go around the garden checking for weeds. Try to avoid spraying the flowers and lawn. The best time to do this is on a sunny hot day - because it's the combination of the vinegar and hot sun that burns the weeds. One further note: if a weed has already grown a few large leaves (shading the base of the weed), I try to pull them off - as much as possible - so that the vinegar reaches the base (or root area) of the weed.

  • Eva Marie Turner Eva Marie Turner on Jul 07, 2017
    Thanks to all who replied. Will follow with advice and wait for the next hot summer day to drop the bomb! I recently uprooted 7 privacy bushes and now have a bare area of dirt and already have weeds; and I have not planted any new shrubs or flowers in this area. Would like to start anew next spring but in the interim want to prepare the soil for healthier growing with new a garden bed.

  • Gal4903411 Gal4903411 on Jul 07, 2017
    I use white vinegar with dawn and Epsom salt. Burns those little buggers right out on a hot summer day.

  • I buy white vinegar - 2 gallons for $4 at Sam's Club or "cleaning vinegar" for $4 a gallon. White vinegar is my go to for so many things - laundry, cleaning, weed killing - and of course cooking!

    Any vinegar will work, use what is cheap. For killing weeds, I use it straight from the jug.

    White vinegar and apple cider vinegar is 5% acidity

    Cleaning vinegar is 6% acidity, yes 1% makes a difference

    Agricultural vinegar is 10-20% acidity