Why do springs all of a sudden pop out of the ground in your yard?

Debbie Kuhar
by Debbie Kuhar
Picture taken last October. I live in rural Pennsylvania. In fact, have lived in this home 35 years with no problems. I had my septic, leach bed, grease tap checked. This could be a natural spring? Why do these springs just pop out out of the blue. There has been a good bit of fracking in my area. We still cannot fix this due to having constant rain in PA. Have to wait until July or August to let this dry out to work on it again. You can see the damage it has done to my yard.
q why do springs all of a sudden just pop out of the ground in your yard
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  • I don't know why this happens, but how about bringing some river rocks in and making it a water feature? It might be easier than constantly fighting it.

  • Wow! What a beautiful piece of property! I have no idea, and am now curious myself. Due to the fracking, I would certainly be calling your local environmental groups and City or County officials to inquire.

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    • Lots of people put creeks in their yard, I would love one but my current property is the size of a postage stamp.

      Look at these and see if it inspires you. At least a way to work with what you have rather than to fight mother nature.

  • Debbie Kuhar Debbie Kuhar on May 29, 2017
    Good suggestion. Thank you. This picture was taken last October. We rented a bob cat & my husband laid piping in and we were going to put corrigated piping in but got snow the next day, Where the white pipe is sticking out of the ground, house just above this. House sits on level ground and the back yard slopes down hill. Well & pump are in my basement. Right now, where I live in PA, we have had constant rain for the last two months, making my yard a mud hole. My neighbor had a natural spring for 30 something years until he filled in his property where his house sits. Called insurance agent, she went thew the same thing, in a different area, Not covered by insurance. Cannot even get a piece of machinery in there until this weather dries up. Going to have to wait until end of July or August even to work on this. We do have a shallow well though. I asked my husband, can we have too much water under ground that it is coming up to the surface? We have no idea?