Best way to take care of wet backyard?


I want a she shed but our back yard holds water when it rains. We have tried adding soil but it's not working. I would like some recommendations on how to take care of this problem on the cheap and get a nice she shed for next to nothing.

q best way to take care of wet backyard
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  • Shui Shui on Jul 16, 2018

    Maybe prop it up on some cement pillars

  • Mindshift Mindshift on Jul 17, 2018

    You would need to set any building on blocks whether or not your yard stays wet. It would be helpful to know why your yard stays wet. Are you in a low spot that collects water from other areas? Do you have clay or hardpan that interferes with drainage? These may not even be visible (on the surface).

    If your yard collects water because you are at a low point, you could put in a dry well or two to hold excess water. Ready-made drywells cost from $70 up, but you can make your own using a plastic drum or trash can, some gravel and a minor part or two. Here are a couple of YouTube videos explaining how one man made his. Part 1: Part 2:

    If your yard won't drain because of heavy soil, then you need to steer extra water to one part of your yard. You don't need to bring in soil, but you will need to move some around. This is a swale: It's a wide, low spot covered in grass. A swale can be connected to a garden area of moisture loving plants if you like. Here is a how to article:

  • JudyH JudyH on Jul 17, 2018

    Lowe's and Home Depot sell catch basins and 4" flexible tubing that can be laid to route the water away from your intended shed area. I bought over 100" of tubing and three basins for around $75. You can find it in the garden department. Other than digging the trench to install it, the product is easy to put together and easy to configure to meet your needs.

  • JudyH JudyH on Jul 17, 2018

    You're welcome. Hope it works for you. I have She Shed envy!!

  • Deborah Hogen Deborah Hogen on Jul 23, 2018
    Find the lowest spot in the yard and dig a hol 1-2 feet deep and about 4 feet across. Line with brick and tile. Most of the water in the yard should drain down to it, you may have to change some towards the pool. Then plant some water plants. You can go so far as to get a little filter and pump then put some fish in for a nice water feature. Build the shed on the highest point of the lawn,.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Aug 12, 2018

    Have you considered French drains? they are great for removing sitting water and getting it off the yard. We put some in. They are a lot of work, but not hard to do. You use your back and do a lot of digging but it is not difficult to figure and make them. You xan get them at your local home improvement stores.

  • Whi16816164 Whi16816164 on Aug 12, 2018

    Plant wild flower they can help soak up the water and are helpful for wildlife too

  • Whi16816164 Whi16816164 on Aug 12, 2018

    Plant wild flower they can help soak up the water and are helpful for wildlife too

  • She4461570 She4461570 on May 27, 2021

    Sand in your yard will help.