How do I add color to my back porch that is small and dark

My back porch is small and dark and lacks color, we have a brown porch with a brown gazebo and we are in need of color but were on a low cost budget.

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  • Judy Judy on Jul 12, 2018
    WHITE LIGHTS! White ceiling if you can't repaint the whole thing.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Jul 12, 2018
    If you have any light bulbs out there I would replace them with "bright white" LEDs that will help a lot at night. Also at night you could add solar lights for more ambient and fun lighting. I would consider painting in some lighter colors or, if paint isn't an option, you can hang light colored fabrics.

  • Dokey Dokey on Jul 12, 2018
    I think either White or a Lighr Yellow and brighter light bulbs. Put some colorful pillows and an area rug!