How do I lay brick for a brick porch extension?

I have an existing porch approx 3ft x 3ft i need to add on to it

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  • Ken Ken on Dec 26, 2017
    That's more of a step than a porch John.

    Is the existing porch brick? Concrete on top? Did you wish to make the extension the same height? How big did you want to make the extension?

    Depending on your answers to these and more questions my recommendation will likely be to remove this porch and start fresh. It will be less work and result in a better finished job than trying to blend in to what you have.

  • Beth Beth on Dec 26, 2017
    I can see why you want a bigger porch!
    step one is to decide how big you want it to be. Big enough for a bench, or a couple of chairs, or a hot tub plus picnic table? What’s the roof situation?
    ok. So now you know how big to make it. Good.
    step two is to see how high off the ground it’ll be.
    You may need a retaining wall or can get by with pound in edging.
    Amything over 30” off the ground requires a railing.
    Dont forget steps if necessary.
    Alright. Now you can start putting in the porch!
    since you’re using brick, you’ve got a problem. Matching the brick. Probably be better if you remove your old brick so it will all be the same.
    paving bricks are different from wall bricks. Use paving bricks. Even if you’ve got free wall brick, the end result will look odd and may not hold up.
    Anyway, figure 5 bricks per square foot.
    Get the base right, then lay your bricks. Do the border in a single soldier course. Cut bricks as needed. You can rent a brick saw. It’s easy.
    Steps are pretty hard. It’s all in the retaining walls you build.
    But if you’ve got to have em, you’re stuck.
    Good luck with your porch.