How to set up my new shed as a nail salon?

by 33400482

it is 12X28 with a small porch. I’m having trouble finding a way to have a small waiting area. And storage area. Need ideas .. It’s so long. So i only have so much space. Help!!! Please!! There is only one door. The wall behind the will be the bathroom.

That back wall is where my polish is and the pedi chair is in right corner

Going to have under pinning. Any ideas?

Added ramp

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  • Lorelei Paddle Lorelei Paddle on Oct 24, 2018

    A couple of nice comfy chairs just inside the door with a nice wood sofa table that is not to long for magazines, Some storage in the washroom, Nail colors on shelving adjacent to door, Short wall coming off corner by the window (2ft x 6ft) just enough to give some separation and hint of privacy.

  • Lorelei Paddle Lorelei Paddle on Oct 24, 2018

    When the under pinning is done have it come up high enough so the structure sits on it, like a proper foundation, and make sure the is plastic spread under the structure to prevent moisture from coming up into the floor.

  • Rin Rin on Oct 24, 2018

    You didn't say how many work stations you are having. When you come in the door, on the left make a small reception area at the window area & maybe some magazine holders on the panel facing the customers. Just past that on the right side you could put 2 - 3 chairs or a nice longer padded bench, with a long narrow coffee table in front of them/it. The polish displays could be on the front wall between the 'pedi' & your work stations right across from the seating area. At the very back wall, you could put cabinets and shelves all the way across, with your work tables in front of them so you are facing the bathroom door. In the bathroom, you could put narrow cabinets/shelves all the way around up towards the top. On the wall that the front door opens onto, you could put a few coat hooks.

  • 33400482 33400482 on Oct 24, 2018

    Wow!!! Thank you so much!! Great ideas!! It will be just myself doing nails.. thank you everyone

  • 33400482 33400482 on Oct 24, 2018

    Can you guys help with paint colors?the ceiling will be tin. But I’m not sure about the floor and eventually i will stain or paint the walls above the tin. I have a few colors that I’m using already . One is teal. Picsattached

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  • 33400482 33400482 on Oct 29, 2018

    Hmmmm yes ma’am I am aware of that. I’m just needing ideas for paint , color etc etc. I didn’t ask if I needed permits. I know exactly what I need. And besides that how do you even know if I do or don’t have permits? Don’t need negativity.

    • Was not try to be negative, just informative. It looks like you have a beautiful space to work with. Many people are clueless as to whether or not they may or may not require permits so I just tossed it out as a friendly reminder. I hate to see people lose their hard earned money and possibly lose their livelihood. I am in CA and her you need a permit for just about everything, and they are in place for a reason, to save people from doing some really crazy stuff.