Pavers vs flagstone or brick for patio

by Kalsti
What is the cheaper way to go, pavers, brick or flagstone for a patio? Which is the easiest for a homeowner to do without much experience in laying a patio?
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  • Moxie Moxie on Jan 11, 2014
    In my experience in the area I live, pavers are the cheapest and easiest. They are a man made solid brick without holes that are more consistant is size, and you can get halfs, etc for less cutting which makes it easier. Flagstone is usually an irregular material so making sure the bedding is level and firm takes a bit more patience. With all options, the key to a lasting installation is to place the bedding correctly so you dig down place sand, level and compact, place pavers and the brush in the sand into the joints.
  • Kalsti Kalsti on Jan 11, 2014
    Thanks Moxie for the info!
  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Jan 11, 2014
    Here is a link to an idea I just saw on pinterest-- they cut bricks from ends of 2 x 4's but you could use any size pressure treated wood (and combine sizes for patterns) to make a faux brick patio.. (I don't know if they stained cut ends but I would or at least seal -could use brick colored stains ) I thought it was very doable besides inexpensive--- you can get approx. 94 "bricks" 2" thick or 62 3" thick "bricks" from a 16' board (I deducted 2 bricks from each to account for blade thickness when cutting. Would not take much money at all to make a good size patio or walkway and have the flexability of using brick layouts which can find a patio calculator free online put in pattern using , patio size and size of bricks will tell you how many would need --- common brick sizes are 8 × 4 × 2.25 inches so I would use a 2 x 6 x 16 ( less than 10.00 a board) , not hard to cut (and store especially if slow will cut for you for nominal or no fee) and laying any of these basically same, whether faux brick, real, pavers or flagstone. Be sure and post pics here of whatever you do.
  • I have laid both in my experience and have found both to have pros and cons of ease or difficulty. They both require a good base and both will require manual labor to do. I believe it is what you want to have for a patio. I personally find flagstone to be beautiful and love natural elements in my yard and landscaping. Flagstone is unique and can compliment any landscaping plan. I also think the size of the patio you want to do will make a huge difference in the difficulty of the project. Moxie is correct but I have ordered in the past rocks from out west and there are some very beautiful flagstone that if I could get here I would build another flagstone patio! I know there are some flagstone that are more consistent from out west. I find that flagstone patios are a lot more forgiving than brick or pavers because they will look irregular if you do not set a base that is level and compacted and that runs away from the house. Flagstone with its irregularities can hide any oops because the stone is not perfect and therefore no one will know if you did not do it "right". Just my opinion...and hope this helps :)
  • Kalsti Kalsti on Jan 12, 2014
    C Renee thanks for the great advice~ I'm leaning toward flagstone now.....Someone I know was unhappy with a flagstone patio they put in, as the top layer of stone chipped off and really ruined the look.....Do you know how to prevent that? What is the best stone to use out West?
    • @Kristi Kelty Limestone is very soft and can easily be broken off, drilled through, or chipped. However, flagstone such as Colorado Red (which is one of my faves) can have fossils in it. There are flagstone that are almost flat with such beautiful colors you will have a hard time choosing. I have a small slate patio which is so ho hum. I got the small pieces of flagstone free and they are gray but they are not completely flat like the flagstone you should find out there. As for chipping, choose the harder flagstone and choose bigger pieces which will have less of a chance of moving once you get them set. You will also be buying a pallet of flagstone so visit some quarries or rock places and ask them how many square feet a pallet will do and then decide on pallet. It is like putting together a puzzle too. It is hard work but when you are done it will look amazing!
  • Kalsti Kalsti on Jan 12, 2014
    Good ideas! Thanks C Renee~