What kind of paint works on concrete retaining walls?

by PruBelle

Here is a photo of the back side of our vacation mountain home. Our intentions - to rent out the lower level as Airbnb, etc. I want to paint that retaining wall as an "instagram photo spot".

The image is attached. This image is also the background on all the rental marketing material. I attached the artwork and the actual view from deck/patio, which is a mountain range, hence that background image.

So, I need your experise and opinions on paint that will last, not fade and not run off in the rain. It will be shades of greenish blue/teal, gradient from dark to light blue sky. Please even let me know the brushes or rollers that work on concrete walls. I'm a sponge seeking knowledge.

If you do not know what works, and you tried and failed at a similar project, I would appreciate your feedback on what didn't work for you. Feel free to post your mistakes, so I don't make the same mistakes. We all learn from mistakes, so please don't be embarrassed - you will help someone!! ME!

Thank you so much!!


The retaining wall circled in red.

Image that I want to duplicate on the wall.

This is the view from the upper deck. The inspiration.

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