HELP!!!! I want to paint this furniture!

by Katie
My bedroom furniture is over 15 years old! It's from the broyhill attic heirloom collection! They don't even make it anymore! It's great sturdy furniture but I'm getting super bored with it! It's got wear and tear for sure! The nightstand are the worst for wear! Water damage things like that! A few years ago my daughters friend wrote in the side of one night stand in black sharpie! So I want to paint this stuff but I'm scared out of my mind! I'm not a furniture re-doer! I'm less then an armature! I love the primitive look! I don't know what to do! Plus I love primitive red! I don't know what goes with that or where to even begin! Anybody out there willing to guide and advise me through this process! I cannot afford new furniture beside I love something old to something new so to speak! Thank you Katie
Solid oak chest of drawers! Need advice for hardware on all pieces shown
Head board! Foot board is far shorter and the spindle across the top of foot board was broken off! Good news is it intact and I still have it just don't know how to put it back on
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  • Lo Lo on Apr 26, 2015
    If you aren't satisfied with the way your furniture looks right now, it can't be any worse off to paint it. I wipe down the furniture with Liquid Sandpaper first. Then just pick a color from the paint charts and go for it. Buy a small paint roller (the roller is about 3 inches wide). The roller makes the work easier. If you see that you will need two coats of paint, try not to cover in one coat. It's better to apply two light coats. Good luck! Happy painting!
  • Katie Katie on Apr 26, 2015
    Any suggestions of colors? I like cream color and like I said red! Just not sure if all pieces should be the same color
  • Angel View Cottage Angel View Cottage on Apr 26, 2015
    I've been painting for 30 years and am also an Interior Decorator. Although at this point I've had lots of experience and practice, I too started somewhere and you can too. Don't let it intimidate you. It's only paint and can be fixed. Use a quality latex eggshell paint that is durable and washable. Red is not my favorite color but you can certainly use it. I tend to stick with creams and more neutral colors on big things and bring in pops of color with things more easily changed such as bedding, pillows, artwork & other decor. Is the rest of the room light? Is the room pretty big? If so red will be fine. I wouldn't do the whole set if the room is small. If you choose the red, I would make sure the walls are a light color and tie everything together with a colorful area rug and some pillows that have just small touches of the same red. Try to choose a red that's not to orange. If you do a red and think it's too bright afterwards, no worries, you can tone it down with an antique glaze such as mocha glaze by Valspar. One of my favorites. Good luck!! If you need any more help, feel free to send a message to my biz page or send me a friend request.
  • Katie Katie on Apr 26, 2015
    Thanku and OMG yes my room is HUGE! Has a ton of natural light! I love the red gumball from glidden and fabulous red from valspar! I be seen furniture painted with both however I don't get how they use the dark glaze! Do they just paint it on and wipe it off then use a dark or clear wax? That's the part that gets me! I'm so not a decorator! I do want one red piece I just don't know what color the rest should be! Ugh also do I have to sand and primer the pieces!
  • Lo Lo on Apr 26, 2015
    Katie, I love red, too!! I agree with what Angel View said and would use it as an accent color. Your entire bedroom set in red might be a bit overwhelming. Try cream as Angel View Cottage suggested with accents in red and navy. That might perk you up with enough red. I recently painted a hutch in Behr Roasted Red Pepper. Looks great, but I can't imagine a whole bedroom set!
  • Jerry Murray Jerry Murray on Apr 26, 2015
    Replace hardware. Cream the wood, except the door panels, paint the molding on those doors a red of whatever she appeals
  • Katie Katie on Apr 26, 2015
    I love this website! Thanku all for ur advice! I'm defiantly not gonna do all red just the big chest of drawers and go from there! Li do u have a pic of that piece with that color? I love Bebe paint
  • Monica Krainer Monica Krainer on Apr 26, 2015
    I agree with just about everything everyone has mentioned. Yes, Paint it if that is what your heart desires. It is fixable if you don't like it. It's just paint. As for the color choice, why not paint it red, let i dry, then paint the cream over it. Lightly distress it then you will have the red showing through. A few red accents in the same room (maybe 2-3 --no more). Doing this red is not now being the boss in the room, it will read as red without lots of red. Problem solved. If red is really your thing, then do the paint colors in reverse. I just think Red is just too bossy and can very distracting especially on into adjoining rooms. I have always used it as an accent. (My thoughts is that large quantities of red is for fire trucks and barns; but not everyone thinks that way -LOL). When a homeowner tires of the red, then the investment is minimal to change colors. Post pictures when done. I would like to see what you decided and the results!!
  • Charlotte Ray Charlotte Ray on Apr 26, 2015
    Whatever colors you decide it will be beautiful. Love the details on the furniture. I painted an old dresser in red and used a black glaze on it and it's gorgeous. Like others said don't be afraid. It's really easy.
  • Lindestorme McMahon Lindestorme McMahon on Apr 26, 2015
    Have you thought taking the furniture down to the wood, remove all stain and varnish, then stain it in the new colored stains. They are very nice. The red is very pretty I also like the green and blue. They are really exciting! Look at them at the hardware store before you paint as for the marker on the side, magic eraser will take it off I think or scrub it with baking soda.
  • Katie Katie on Apr 26, 2015
    Thank you everybody! I love this page! Everyone is so talented and nice! It's great for amateurs like me!
  • Kathy Meador Wells Kathy Meador Wells on Apr 26, 2015
    Here is what I would do. Of course get new hardware for the drawers. Leave the shell as is and paint the drawers whatever color you want. I would not recommend red. I would use black. I would then use other pops of color like red.
  • You can always use chalk paint. No need to prime your stuff first. I believe Annie Sloan Chalk paint even has a primer red color. You can do one in the red, and maybe the others in a base coat of the red, but then go over it with a gray, or black or even off white. Then lightly distress for the pops of red. How to's are all over the web. Plenty of blogs with clear instructions. Just google "how to paint furniture with chalk paint". Pinterest will give you plenty of pics w/leads to their blogs and posts. It's not difficult at all. Good Luck!
  • Lo Lo on Apr 27, 2015
    Here are some pictures of the hutch. I don't know why the pic of the entire hutch looks a little more orange...maybe the light from the windows? But the picture of the bottom doors is a truer color of the hutch.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Apr 28, 2015
    Personally, I love the furniture the way it is - beautiful wood and great lines.. Perhaps changing the wall colour and accessories will give it a new look.
  • Lulu Lulu on Jul 04, 2016
    why paint that lovely wood? Just restain the gashes,and change out the hard ware. E bay is a good source for unusual hardware.

    chalk paint it...go to u-tube for directions