Is there any thing to put on white "plastic-feel" coated cabinets?

Teresa Sellers
by Teresa Sellers
These have a "plastic" coating on white cabinets that I can't stand. Will glaze or anything stick to them?
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  • Heather Scott Heather Scott on Apr 02, 2015
    If you prime them with a good oil based primer, you should be able to paint them
  • Joanna Joanna on Apr 02, 2015
    They are probably vinyl coated or thermofoil. Not sure if glaze will stick to them, but read somewhere to use a hairdryer to heat the vinyl to remove the coating. Usually particle board underneath but as long as it's in good shape primer and paint should stick
  • Susan Sease Susan Sease on Apr 03, 2015
    I used Annie Sloan Chalk paint to paint the ones in my laundry room, no problem whatsoever. But there is a primer for melamine cabinets that will allow regular paint to stick to them as well.
  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Apr 03, 2015
    Yes. Just be sure to clean well, sand lightly and prime with a good bonding primer. You can use a water base, it is super thick. Just sand smooth the parts that have come up. Oil base paints are on the way out because of their VOC issues. Nasty stuff.
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Apr 03, 2015
    Failing that, you can glue and paint textured wallpaper to the doors/drawers..
    Attach some decorative moulding for depth prior to priming/painting using the methods listed above. I wouldn't even attempt trying to remove that coating and have to deal with particle board... the work involved would be tremendous!!!! And it may come out looking like a$$!!!
  • Mary M. Prinzavalli Mary M. Prinzavalli on Oct 13, 2015
    I guess I'm a little late but just started with Hometalk. I have used a paint that has what seem to be sand in it. It is for painting any slick or smooth surface. Use it like a primer then paint your cabinets. It does not feel like sand after you have painted. I do not remember where I got it but probably at a lumber company or try Sherwin Williams as that was where I bought alot of my paint. Also they make a paint especially for furniture or anything like cabinets.
    • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Oct 13, 2015
      @Mary M. Prinzavalli I think the paint is a Marine paint, used for steps and on boats to a bit of grip on wet surfaces, its also a bit rubbery.
  • Mary M. Prinzavalli Mary M. Prinzavalli on Oct 14, 2015
    No NancyMarie, It is not Marine paint. It made for cabinets and you can paint furniture with it. I'm sure now that I bought it at Sherwin Williams. I used it to paint an Armoire and some other furniture. It doesn't feel like sand but there is something in it that makes it stick to the slick surface so use it as a primer. You would probably need to talk or explain what you are looking for and just tell them how I explained it to you.