Old stereo cabinet

Janet chambers
by Janet chambers
I took the old stereo out of this cabinet a long time ago because it didn't work anymore. I just use it to store things like CD's, photos, etc. It looks pretty ugly. It has a glass door on front and no back. What can I do with this?
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  • Brenda Adams Brenda Adams on Mar 30, 2015
    I have one almost identical to this one. but mine does have a back to it. I'm thinking about painting it and then hang it sideways on the wall and be able to raise the glass door up like on an airplane. The shelves are adjustable so you can space them anywhere you need them. This would also be great to store winter sweaters, etc. What do you think? Is the cabinet too heavy for the wall? I'd put a piece of crown molding underneath for extra support.
  • Brenda Adams Brenda Adams on Mar 30, 2015
    Maybe you have some better ideas I can use instead of what I was thinking about.
  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Mar 30, 2015
    Brenda, the only thing I was thinking was painting it white, adding shelf paper and putting it in the kitchen for extra storage of crock pots or things I don't use that often.
  • Vivian Vivian on Mar 30, 2015
    Done that already but my radio is still on it.
  • Mary Mary on Mar 31, 2015
    You could turn it sideways, add short feet, cover the (now) top with a cushion (easy to do) and make a bench out of it. Put pretty baskets for storage in it. Paint or not... You can use those finials used on fence posts for the feet!
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Mar 31, 2015
    Whatever you decide, I recommend that you seal all the open ends of the mdf boards (you can see one, the light brown edge on the lowest adjustable shelf) before you paint or use it! If water gets into an open cut, it will expand, bulge and/or crumble unattractively. you can just smear over 2-3 coats of something like wood filler, wood glue or primer to keep it intact.
  • 9530106 9530106 on Mar 31, 2015
    If you are not going to keep the glass door on, you could trim all edges (shelf edges, outside, etc.) with some wood trim, and paint it all to match. They make some neat looking rope like trim that would be easy to cut and glue on. Finish with some pretty baskets! Keep us posted!
  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Apr 02, 2015
    Love all of these ideas, thanks!
  • Linda Cabler Linda Cabler on Apr 02, 2015
    Mount it on the wall side ways and use it for open shelved cabinets to store or "show off" your canninster sets etc.
  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Apr 03, 2015
    The shelves won't fit if I turn it around so it would be just a big open cabinet. I'd like to make a stool out of it but I don't know if it would hold an adult if they should decide to sit on it?
  • Brenda Adams Brenda Adams on Apr 15, 2015
    I wouldn't make it a stool, Janet. I don't think it would stand up to adult weight. You could make some drawers for it and put items it that you don't want to be seen all the time.
  • Janet chambers Janet chambers on Apr 16, 2015
    No, I don't think it would hold an adult either. I think I am going to paint it, take the glass door off and put in some stackable plastic bins to store my craft things in. Not very creative, I know but serves a purpose!
  • Brenda Adams Brenda Adams on Apr 17, 2015
    That will work great. I may do the same thing to mine. I'm always needing to store/stack my craft supplies.
  • Mary Hyden Mary Hyden on Dec 31, 2015
    I have this same exact cabinet and looking to do something with
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    • Karen Karen on Jan 17, 2016
      I have something similar to this as well. I am thinking of making a small coffee bar out of it.